Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer Memories, School Time…cheer?!

I dont think I know of any kid who is happy school is here, but I can surely tell you how many moms I know that are  happy school started again!  LOL…my kids say I mean ;o)
I remember when the girls were out for summer break.  I thought “NEARLY 3 MONTHS OF SUMMER!!?? GAH WHAT AM I GONNA DO?” now I think about it and it seems to have flown by.  As always the girls had a busy summer with their cheerleading. 

Erykah is now in 6th grade and is also a cheerleader for the middle school team along with her big sister Rebekah, who is in 8th grade!  Yes..she will be a HIGHSCHOOLER NEXT YEAR!  Did you hear that?  My heart skipped a beat.  Erykah is as happy as a bee on honey! She said to me “LOTS OF CUTE BOYS MOM!”  oh boy *rolling eyes here* See our middle school pools together about 3 or 4 other elementary schools, so there are people in there that she has never met! Rebekah is intent on making it one wonderful final middle school year.  She got a new hair cut.
girls 011
She looks so grown up now.  She also turned 13.  She still acts like a 3 yr old though…of course all teenagers amplify their need for attention x40! hahahaha  We also moved during the summer.  Still living in hell…ughh..Laredo. We just needed a bigger house.  We were busting out the seams at the other house.  It started to look like a over stuffed cottage! So a dear friend of mine was trying to sell her house but with this market well you know.  So I said “If your willing to rent, let me know” and so here we are now.  We gained just about 1K of sqft more.  I have my own sewing room AND I also have my scrapbook area. So I got 2 for the price of one.  Its so funny cause my landlord…who is used to live in this house, says to me “OH I WISH I THOUGHT OF THAT WHEN I LIVED HERE!” or “Oh I wish I had a X room for myself!”  I find it so funny that she says that now when she’s not living here anymore.  I hope they don’t kick us out when our lease is up?!  hahahaha NO shes a very good landlord…I love her!
Ok so now, Im still working on my sewing room.  I want to get into making my stuff but its one disorganized mess!  However, I can make my candles and soaps.  I will be working on Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff here in a moment.  You can call it my fall line…I want you to tell me what you want to see.  Would you rather have a candle that can be used all through out fall? Or would you like a “themed” candle?  You now like a jack-o-lantern looking candle and soap?  I really want your feedback.  Well thats pretty much the summation of my summer and what my plans are for my customers.  Hope you guys are having a wonderful back to school.  I hope your kids have a wonderful teacher and those of you who are YET to head back to school and are still enjoying summer break, well HAVE FUN!