Friday, September 17, 2010




Yes, there you have it…my new line for candle and bath products is now called Luminous Scents.  I am making hand poured soy candles, soy tarts, aroma beads and more. 

If your looking for a big order for, lets say, weddings…send me and email and we can discuss details. 

(I am practicing German so I will also write my blogs translated in German.  German friends…correct me when you see something wrong please :o) 

Ja, da haben Sie es. Meine neue Linie für Kerze und Bad Produkte heißt jetzt Luminous Scents.

soy candles 025

soy candles 020

you can find Luminous Scents Candles and Bath products on my website or my etsy shop

( Sie finden diese auf meiner Website oder Etsy-Shop)

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

(Haben Sie ein gutes Wochenende!)