Wednesday, October 27, 2010

finally, I rest!

Can you say OY! WHAT A WEEK!? Hahaha...yes this past week, it has been so hectic I neglected house chores.  It all started actually about 2 weeks ago.  PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE for cheer competition. Saturday we left to San Antonio.  Sunday was Cheer Power.  Before Cheer Power, not only were the girls practicing for competition, they practiced for their 8th grade dances! So we were up and down.  So, where was I? Oh yes! Sunday Cheerpower.  Monday PEPRALLY at one campus, come back to the main campus practice from 3-9 for 2 different dances the girls had to do.  TUESDAY...I had to make 4 banners...2 large banners and 2 smaller ones, but it was all hand drawn by me, all colorized by me using soft pastels.  On top of that, we also had to volunteer to sell at the concession stand.  After we cleaned...LIFTING heavy boxes of sodas, waters and other stuff.  TODAY I felt like a small car hit me, my body hurt.  But I was so happy...we get to least till Dec. Then it starts all over for NCA!!  A life of a cheer mom.

Here are the videos...enjoy!

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