Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day

If your not from the states then you might not know today is a day where we thank our nations military veterans.  I come from a long line of veterans.  My grandpa, my dad, my grandpas brother, and even my husband, they are all veterans.  Going from the Korean conflict to current wars, my relatives all fought in one or more of them.  I just want to say to all vets THANK YOU! Thank you so much for everything you have done.  You have made sure that our freedoms have not been stripped away.  Freedom is not free...and I mourn every drop of blood that has been spilled.  I know that it was a hard thing to do, the life, the conditions.  Ive seen it all, not because I lived through it but because I saw my husband live through it.  All the training he had to endure all good and necessary but still.  I had to see him come home dirty, tired, SMELLY, and HUNGRY.  He would leave nice and plump and come back as thin as a chicken bone! It was a hard life and yet I can not complain.  It was a wonderful life...I loved military life...I love my husband, I love my dad and my grandfathers who were in the military as well.  Thank you and I salute you!

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