Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Update: Recap 2010

Maybe I spoke to soon.  When I posted my 2010 recap blog post, little did I know that in 24 hours our family would loose another member.  Yes, that is what happened.  I never got to meet my little cousin.  She lived in Oregon and is the daughter of my dad's brother Raul Garza. Her life was cut short due to a car accident. Here she is:

Beautiful isn't she? Yeah that's the Garza part of the family...we have great looks!  Still, in all seriousness.  Her life was taken away by 2 major factors that can be prevented.  She got in a car that was being driven by someone who had been drinking and she possibly wasn't wearing a seat belt. She was ejected out of her car when the vehicle went out of control.  I could never imagine and I hope GOD never puts that kind of test on me to ever go through a loss of a child, what my uncle may be going through.  My heartfelt condolences go out to him and Ashley's brothers and sister. 

My reason for this post, is not to bring about sadness.  I don't want my cousins death to be in vain.  She was 20 and her life could have been saved.  Please, don't drink and drive.  Don't get in a car with a person who has been a cab, call a friend, call someone, just don't get into that car. Always, ALWAYS wear your seat belts.  It doesn't matter if you are in the back seat.  Ashely was in the back seat...and she flew out of the car.  There were 3 other people in that car, they all survived.  Its a very had lesson for our family, but I want it to be a lesson to all. I am now making sure all my girls buckle up when we get into our truck.  I will not move until they are all buckled in. 

Be safe my friends...I don't want to hear of anymore losses, the closing of this year couldn't get here any faster.  Till 2011!!!


Friday, December 24, 2010

2010 in a Nutshell

I've been sitting here these past few days while my embroidery machine sings to me in the back ground.  Its been a busy week getting custom orders out the door, and it will be a busy last week as we close 2010.  I am able to take a slight peek into peoples lives as they write what 2010 brought them, the good and not so I sit here wanting to do the here it goes.

We came into 2010 with Rebekah and her middle school team having had won the NCA Championship.  We were thinking of what dress Rebekah should wear for her presentation and Erykah for her prom.  Now Rebekah is on her last run of 8th grade and my little girl will be a Freshman in High school in 2011.  Erykah is in 6th grade and will enjoy having the middle school campus to sisters around, well at least till 2012.  This year was also the year my Bekah turned a teenager!  When she did that she brought EVERYTHING it means to be a teen...EVERYTHING!  Either way, she is a great kid, she loves life, she loves art and photography.  Erykah just turned 12 and is doing amazing in school.  She took to middle school like a fish in water! 

Monikah and Jesykah went from 1st and 3rd to 2nd and 4th with ease...but without some good friends of theirs.  Maura and Katie, whom Monikah had known first, went back to NY with their family.  Because Monikah knew these sweet kids...I met 2 wonderful ladies whom I wish I had more time to get to know, but well, I didn't.  Jane, who I swear is a saint!  That woman could have a bus load of kids in her home and still be calm like a saint!  I look up to her, I learned something from her and I didn't tell her but still, if she reads this, I learned that we all need to take life one step at a time.  I never really saw her get upset or on edge with her kids...something I need to practice.  I also met Kyli.  That girl is CRAZY, in a good way.  She has a wonderful sense of humor and well, they too had to move :o( Either way, I'm glad I met them.  They are wonderful women and meeting them, well that was just more frosting on my cake!

I'm sure if you keep up with my posts, that we were in a small house that was about to burst at the seams.  Wtih all my "artsiness" everywhere, I had taken over the dinning area and some other parts.  Don't get me wrong...that little house was a wonderful start to our lives back in Laredo.  However the girls got big, and things also expanded.  I always believe that things happen for a reason.  My friend could not sell her house, well she tried and it had gone into contract but the buyers backed away at the last possible minute.  Well there was an opportunity for us.  We were able to rent the house from them...its much bigger,MUCH BIGGER and we were able to take away some of the burden off of them.  So the buyers backing out was a blessing for us.   So now we are a bit more spread out and the girls are not always on top of each other...and we have out dinning table back for meals!

However all this good news is just  a surface to cover worries.  We had been praying for my cousins wife who was fighting cancer for almost a year and we had also found out my uncle had lymphoma just a few months after Monikah and Jesykahs bdays.  We lost both of them the last week of November. Both of them passed less than a week from each other.  However something that my aunt said made it a bit more comforting for me with both of their passings.  My cousins wife was only 41.  She had 3 kids a 3, 10 and 13 yr old.  She was afraid to pass and was fighting it.  My uncle passed, not because of his cancer...his heart just stopped.  So my aunt said to me, his wife "Maybe she just needed someone to help her cross and she couldn't do it herself?"  So I feel my uncle helped her understand it was OK to go. 

So this Christmas for our family it is bitter sweet, but its a reminder...and its a lesson Ive learned LONG ago when my best friend passed at 23, almost 12 years ago.  Life is fragile.  Don't spend your time hating, wishing and wanting.  Prepare for the future but always know you might now have tomorrow.  That is why today is called the present...because its a gift.  Tell the ones you love "I love you"  I always say it, you may think "Oh they know" but saying it makes real.  Its assuring, its like a warm blanket that envelopes you.  I LOVE YOU!  Don't wait till its too late. 

So this Christmas, be happy for what you have, don't despair for not having what you want.  The best surrounds you..the Love of family, whether they are physically here or spiritually around. I thank GOD for the blessings he has given me this past year. The continuing of old friendships and  the new friendships that I hope continue on even though they are far away now, a great family, and a wonderful place to share with them. And even though he took 2 family member home with him, I know they are still here...singing with us and sending us all love.