Thursday, December 29, 2011

Exchange...BACK??? pt. 1

I have to say, when I told people in Summer that we would be hosting a German exchange student and they said 'What?  Another kid..why?' I thought to myself..."I Dont know...I must be crazy!"  I already have 4 girls of my own and then to add one more kid...another girl, sure it sounds crazy.  But I went forward with it.  Scary thought...sure.  I mean here is this kid we dont know.  We are letting her live with us.  Our customs and cultures are so very different.  Luckily I had lived in Germany for 3 years but still, that did not make me an expert of the culture. So I reasoned with the kids and marty "Hey its only a semester...its not a big deal"   So with great anticipation for a great semester we welcomed Hanna to our family, our home.....our lives. 

She arrived...and arrived during a turbulent time for us that was unexpected and unforeseen.  We were asked to leave the house we were renting.  It was leave or stay and live as paupers...fat chance that was going to happen.  Also when she got here Rebekah was on her way back from a week of cheer camp in college station.  A few days later...we hit the road...for vacation, before school started. 

We went to Kimah Texas on the boardwalk, and we also went to a nearby beach

and then to Houston do what we love and do best.....


Then we headed down to San Antonio...where we took her to the Alamo 

yeah that's them back there ... and interestingly enough...we got caught up in a movie production too!!! 

Here they are with one of the main characters of the movie "Mission Parks"  I don't know..supposedly its a major film production...and maybe...JUST'll see us in the shooting scene, we are "buying" a snow cone!

Then it was back to reality...back to school, back to work (for marty)... and little by little Hanna, the girls and Marty and I got more and more comfortable.  Then we moved to our new house.  We had thanksgiving and Christmas dinner and soon we will celebrate the coming of the new year. But....its all bitter sweet.  We will all be looking forward to what the New Year brings but we also know that it will be, soon without Hanna in our family daily lives.  She has become a sister to my girls...and a daughter to Marty and I.  Sadly, when she leaves, Erykah will not be here to bid her farewell.  She will be in Dallas, competing...when Hanna will be boarding her plane and back to Germany.  

We have 10 days from today...7 for Erykah. The girls will be heading back to school in about a week while Hanna packs her bags, and gets her things organized and ready to go.  Life, is going to be different. Never the same before Hanna.  She is our first...and our last exchange student.  And we will miss her.  

p.s. pt 2 will be photos during the semester with Hanna...will be posted tomorrow :o)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gifts: What to get, What to get?

I find the whole buying gifts for anyone else other than my pulling teeth, without Novocain! I don't really like it.  I don't like the mall, I cant stand being pushed and shoved, I just don't like feeling like I'm going upstream, like Salmon! I will admit..I am an introvert.  So crowds and me...nah..not a good idea.  Still, I have to get it done.  I guess, what sums it all down is the idea that EVERYONE is going for the same thing.  I'm also not a big fan of buying the latest craze.  I don't like looking like the next person...I don't care if its name brand...I like to be unique. 

So, if your like me...don't like to deal with mad shoppers or you just don't want to give the same thing everyone else is giving to your loved handmade! There are lots of artisans waiting for you.  You can give custom jewelry, clothing, accessories...lots of stuff!  I have lots of links over there ~~~~~~~~> or you can stop by my fan page on Facebook check out what others are doing and buying! I'm sure you'll find something awesome!

Monday, December 12, 2011

How many gifts does Santa Bring?

I was listening to my favorite radio show this morning, while dropping of the kiddos to school, and the question was asked; How many gifts does Santa bring to each person/child?  I thought about it and I realized, I have never set a limit as to how many gifts Santa brings to each person.  I also never set a specific "made" type gift Santa brings.  Ok, I think I might have lost you on that one, but hang in there.  So, I...or we {Hubby and I} have set ourselves up for failure.

See my 2 little ones still believe in the Jolly fat man.  My 5th grader has her doubts, thanks to the Debbie Downers in her class.  Still she says she will only believe because she is afraid that if she does NOT believe and he is real, that she wont get what she REALLY iPod.  So, she made her list for Santa and its not long but its pricey.  Ok so here is where we went wrong.  Gift giving in my family {as well as Marty's} is something of a sport.  I grew up getting LOTS OF gifts...sometimes there were more gifts that it dwarfed the tree!  Same thing with Marty...add to the fact that he also has 10 aunts and uncles as well.  So It was engraved in our heads that gifts in Christmas...had to be outdone!  So I'm listening to the callers and they are saying "Oh Santa only brings one gift. anymore than that is from the relatives and parents"  Some callers made sense when they said that Santa job was to ONLY bring one...that's it.  I felt like someone slapped my face and I went "DOH!" 

Santa only has to bring one gift!

So now our kids make these HUGE list of gifts they want Santa to bring.  With each gift, my soul shudders!  That brings me to my next light bulb moment.  I tell you this morning was a very productive morning with DUH moments!  I realized...that I should have let my kids know that electronics, SANTA DOES NOT BRING!  So, another AHA moment, I said to myself "SELF! You will tell your children that this year there will be no electronics because the manufactures are not making money and they are going to sue Santa...because they are greedy and they don't care about holiday cheer, unless its in the form of MONEY!"

Well, I hope that goes well with them.  I really do, its either that or their little spirits of hope and dreams will deflate like a balloon dancing its dance around a room. yourself a favor.  If you have young ones...and I mean young enough that they still don't know about gifts and Santa and things like that.  Start your tradition that Santa only brings one gift & no electronics (although the callers said he will bring the one thing they really want!) so that one is up to  you.  Maybe Ill wont tell them no electronics...but damn if they all want iPods...I better get cracking at sewing again!!! Forget that my office is still under construction! 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Has anyone seen my lungs around here?

Its that darned time of year again...when the kids bring the germs home!  What I hate the most is that the schools don't care if the kids are all snot nosed and drippy with boogies...they want their GOVERNMENT MONIES!!  So what happens ... WE MOMS have to deal with it (and those stay at home dads too...I'm not leaving yall out!)...we clean up tissue...filled with boogies, pick up jammies...full of boogies, our kids come and hugs us and tell us "I LOVE YOU MOMMY!" but in the middle of that sentence we get blessed with snotty sneeze...AACHOOO...and WE get boogies. 

I'm on my second round of contamination.  A week before turkey day...I was sick...nothing serious, only about 2-3 days.  Turkey day I was happy..tummy wasn't feeling to well, but that was all resolved by Friday.  Friday, Marty decided to head on over to the out of town football game Rebekah had to be at with her cheer was the play offs for our high school varsity team...and it was round 2!!!  They played so well...we were all proud of our boys {I don't have sons...but my daughters friends are like sons to me so I rooted my heart out for them too!}  It was windy...and chilly.  Saturday morning..... BAM!!!! It felt like I had been trampled on by a stampede of wild horses then a 18 wheeler finished the job!  So here I am now...nearly a week later and I have a cough from hell! I am one of the WONDERFULLY BLESSED PEOPLE...who when they get a cough...THEY GET A COUGH. Mine can last WEEKS!!!  But at least I don't feel so bad anymore..or tired.  That's the worst part of being sick...the ickies..that feeling like your falling but your not...yuck!

So stack up on tissue. My favorite is Puff with Vicks.  I took it to a meeting for the high school cheer leading team and the moms were all "MMMM...THAT SMELLS GOOD!'  I love those tissues. Get some Vicks vapor rub or the vapor patch if you don't like feeling all greasy, and have fun :o) {can you detect that little hint of sarcasm there?}

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let 2012 RING ALREADY!!!

Today I was on FB and one person on my list posted

" at this point I'm hoping that 2012 is better because I'm officially dubbing 2011 to be the worst year of my life!"

and honestly...I can totally share her emotions on it.  Now I don't know why her year has been crappy, but for us...well, being kicked out of a house, well, that pretty much sums it all. However that has not been all.  Of course all of you know that I have four girls...and if you don't well, I do!  And that my 2 older girls are cheerleaders for their schools, high school and middle school.  We give it our all, sadly due to our situation of the house deal-e-o I wasn't all there, physically OR mentally.   I still tried to give it my all, volunteer, bring in extra things if I could...I mean its all for my girls right?

So, today...the booster club for my daughters middle school team has been...dissolved.  It was a sad thing..esp for those of us who have been there for a long time.  I started there when my oldest was in 6th grade...she is now in 9th grade...but my 13 yr old is there and its been 4 was such a sad thing to see it go.

So yeah...let 2012 RING...Im so ready so shed this nasty 2011 skin off. We are in a new house, we are daughter will be in 8th grade next year, she will try out for Cpt...and let see if she makes it...either way, those of us parents that have been there FOREVER...will fight for a booster club next year. I will also wish that my business GROW AND BLOOM!  My goals are high...but I hope..that 2012 will be great...and if its not, we can all look to the possibility that well...after Dec 21...we might not be here { I hope we are actually :o/ } lol...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Letting the dust settle... just to time consuming.  So, yeah, we are FINALLY in our new home!  I really wish I could show you pictures but ... well.... I still haven't found my camera charger yet :o/ However I can say, I AM SO HAPPY to be in my OWN HOME!   No one can kick us out of this one (unless we don't make our payments)  this is our very own home!  So its been about 2 weeks already and yes we still have boxes out...I have not finished taking stuff out because, well...we lost square footage with this one.

In the other house we had 3 bedrooms (the fourth was not actually a bedroom but and office like room) upstairs...downstairs we had a small living room (den area I called) across from that was my studio/office then the family/kitchen dinning all smooshed into one...and past the french doors was the music room.  So we had LOTS OF ROOM for everything we sewing stuff, Marty and the girls instruments and then some.

Well, in this house we have only 3 bedrooms upstairs and an open area we call the den.  Downstairs we have the entry way (which i LOVE by the way!!)  It has a "Harry Potter" room under the stairs hahaha... a nice kitchen almost as big as the other one if not bigger and a very good size breakfast eat in.  The family and formal dinning were all join into one, but separated by pillars and an arch...that didn't work for me.  Since we were rushed into finding a house, I was not able to get exactly what I NEEDED...or wanted.  So we have closed off the formal dinning off, putting up a wall in between the both.  leaving the arch for detail, in the hallway the french doors give it a very nice warm feeling, and Marty says "WE NOW HAVE AN ACTUAL HALL!!"  I think he likes halls...Hmmmmm???

We are still a ways from getting our house to the way we want it to but we are taking small baby blog postings might be few and in between, only because I have so much stuff going on its not even funny.  The other day I found myself wanting to take a nap...and just as I was falling asleep the construction crew rang the doorbell and said "We are here EARLY!!"  I'm like "YAY!!" and walking away while I'm grumbling under my I cried instead.  I'm still very tired...still haven't been able to take nap or have a decent night of sleep...but I'm Happy...sleepily happy.  As soon as I find my camera charger I will take pics...or the cord to my phone..I have phone pics. So that's been our life so far.

Oh and I had another website now has a new hosting provider...still have to figure them out.  So If I don't list new items its because office is still in shambles... and two..I need to learn the new platform.  Have a great day and if I don't write before then..HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


We were at the house we are trying to buy yesterday, with the home inspector.  It went well...the AC needs to be looked at, it wasn't cooling like its supposed to.  I sort of felt like I was in an episode of HOLMES ON HOMES! I loved how she was looking at everything and she pointed out things that she exactly didnt have to point out, you now cosmetic issues.  But she also looked at things I would NEVER have thought at looking at. In her report she included " Master Bedroom shower door needs to be re-caulked"  OK!   She gave me a run down of what she put on her report and I was very happy.

So I had to call the builder of the house and ask for the orange dots you put on things that need to be touched up, stabilized, fixed, replaced, all that stuff.  As I waited, I sat on the floor of the living room and I looked toward the front door, and it seemed surreal.  I told Marty "I feel like its MINE...but its like a candy I cant have!"  and yes...we are still waiting on closing on this house and the date is the 15th...but hopefully sooner.  It is soooo CLOSE I can almost touch it! 

So I sat there thinking of all the things I wanted to do.  We are not "FANCY NANCIES!"  so we don't need the formal dining area they are providing.  I was looking at that room and I was already picturing closing it off and turning it into my studio/office.  That formal dinning room is right next to the living room and that living room is in no way going to be a formal living room.  With 4 kids (5 with the exchange student) fat chance a formal would survive! I was already picturing how I was going to set up the living room...there are NO WALLS to put the piano up against!!!  So closing that formal dinning makes sense in the end too..there will be a wall for the PIANO!  Then I looked at the wall for the flat screen and I thought of a built in bookshelf/entertainment piece. And Im going through all the pictures Ive seen on Pinterest.

Then dh comes in, with FOOD...and we both start "planning out" how we are going to close of the dinning area and make it into the studio/office. We are thinking of how we are going to do the tv area, where is the piano going?  Hey wait a minute..we have a band of instruments...where is all that going???  And Marty and I just went off into our own planning of extending the back porch, making a "cabana" style area to cook outside, with a sink and fire pit, a mini fridge...and maybe one day...SWIMMING POOL!!!  Then we came back to reality...and we realized that the house was STILL not our...but again, its right there...its so close we can touch it, and...well it was fun...dreaming. 

Ugh.... so I can now relate to a child that has a candy or piece of cake in front of them and being told "Its YOURS but you can't have it yet!" 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dum de dum..dee dum....

Yup...we are still here...same house.  Buying a house has become so difficult it should be a sport at the Olympic games!  Not to mention that psychological help should be covered with an insurance policy when you are buying a house.  Its mentally and emotionally draining.  Sometimes I feel like our broker just loves to play the cat and mouse game.  He tells us one week "Oh things are looking should be in your new house in no time" the next week "Oh I don't know...doesn't look so good"  UGGHH...DAMN IT MAN MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!! Seriously though.  If you are looking at buying a home (and its going to fall under FHA, VA or HUD) make sure you have these things covered before you go getting attached to a house!

1.) Check your credit report and your FICO score. Make sure your score is over 640, first of all. It will save you lots of headaches. According to our broker its harder to get accepted if you have less that. Also... If you see that something is fishy there FIX it!  We found that a company reported that we didn't pay off an account when we had. Well, sort off they said we had settled and we didn' we had to fix that.  Here's the thing...the agencies mentioned above (HUD, VA and FHA) do not want to see "SETTLED DEBT" on your report.  They don't like it and makes their skin if you DID settle a debt...sorry to say this...your going to have to go and pay it all much as you might not want to...that's how its going right now. 

find your Debt to credit ratio. Because Marty helps run the family business...he had a business card. Well that card was under his SS and guess what...IT HAD OVER 20k on it!  There was another business card with over 10k on that's was not good.  Of course the business paid it down...but it didn't look good on us with that much on our report but Marty makes just as much as that!??!!  LOL...So know how much you owe vs. how much you earn. 

Pay down those cards as much as you can.  Keep low balances if best...keep ZERO balances.  You may use one card for simple things...but make sure you don't have your cards so close to or at the limit.  Oh and DO NOT close those accounts.  That can hurt your score as well and your credit to debt ration.  What the lenders want to see is responsibility.  They want to see that you have all that credit available to you but you are not using it (or maxing out your cards) .  Its the concept of having something yummy in front of you but having the power to not eat it...same concept!

If you pay rent right now and are in an managed apt complex...well you probably pay with a check.  Try not to pay with me it will come back and bite you in the behind.  Do not pay with MO it might do the same.  WE did not pay with check this past year because we would set aside the money in a cash box.  And we would pay cash.  So when it was time to give them our bank statements...we had to explain why our rent was not paid from our account.  At least for 2-4 months pay with a check, directly from your checking account. 

I have also found that you may need to write letters to your lenders in regards to certain expenses.  If you pay for may have to write a letter.  If you don't deposit all your paycheck, you may have to explain why, in a letter...we have written so many letters that we should turn to professional writers!   We are not alone...we were told by our landlord that she has friends who are also having to write letters.  Also watch your spending will have to give them at least 2 current bank statements and if they see something they don't like guess what...ANOTHER LETTER!!!  They will be watching your spending habits like a HAWK! 

So there ya go...some advice from someone who is still waiting for a yes or no.  For now, I have decided to open my shop only locally. I need to generate income....We had to pay off some debt to satisfy the broker and it did set us behind on other bills.  Do this with time...and I wish we did have time.  Normally it would be a 3 month ahead of time deal, but we were only given about less than one. hey we had to do with what we had.  At have my advice and you can prepare for buying a house EVEN IF YOUR NOT THINKING of buying a house...make sure all that is taken care of.  We were not thinking of buying a home at all, we were thrown into the fire head first and unknowingly.  We would have loved to have rented but homes for our size family are VERY EXTREMELY HARD to come by...and when they do come up...they get snatched up just as fast. 

Well, here is to waiting...dumm dee dummm..dee dum! :o)

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Sadly we got some not so good news recently (not good for us, good for some one else) and with that...we have to move...again :o/ We actually had planned to stay here for several years...but due to certain events created we are now in the hunt for the next Resendez Residence. So for now my shop will be closed...if you are one of my FB would have seen this:
Already...I will be finishing up what I have pending, a pillowcase and several flip flops...but I wont open shop again until I have set up my studio again.  Lets see what the future holds for us...

In the mean time...we are looking forward to the arrival of Hanna, she arrives on Friday the 5th... and then later that day my Bekah comes home from Cheer yeah, the wrench has been thrown in our fine tuned motor...but its all right, things happen for a reason.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

...really? Already?

Yes...its about that time again.  I'm seeing my FB girlies posting it up "FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL TODAY!"  and I'm like ALREADY!? WOW!  I remember looking at the summer ahead of me and thinking "I'm NOT going to make the next near 3 months"  and now I look back and say "WHOA! WHERE DID THEY GO?!"  Its been a busy summer I guarantee you that. To be honest, we have been so busy that we STILL haven't taken a vacation. Marty has had so much work...I'm not complaining because in the state our beloved country is in..I'm just glad there IS WORK for him to do.  He has been blessed with so many contracts for schools and outside of local government as well.  And me???   Yeah, busy, busy, busy making flip flops, pillow cases, bows and other things.  I thank GOD for cheerleaders, cheer season and the Crazy cheer moms (me included except I don't exactly pay myself to make something for my daughter ) they all want matching this and that...and I'm like "OK, uh-huh...and what else would you like?"  LOL  Yeah, Ill help you spend your money :o) and its good...I'm happy that I have work. 

However, all this work has made me a very bad mom, according to my youngest daughter.  You see my girls are not used to mom working so much...well working at all.  They are used to me being at their beck and call. Here is a usually scenario "Mom!" me "Yeah!"  daughter "I forgot that I needed this can you bring it to me" me " when do you need it?" daughter "can you bring it now?"  me "ugh..yes, Ill be there in a bit"...  Ok so now its "MOM!"  me "yeah?!" daughter "I forgot that I needed this, can you bring it to me?" me "Nope...I'm busy working " daughter "MOM BUT I NEED IT!!"  me "Sorry should have had it ready before you left!"  daughter "UGH!!"

this is me working away!

Then today Jesykah says to me "Mom you never tell us ' HEY GIRLS want to go to Sonic!' just out like you don't say that at all cause your busy working.." :o/  GEESH!  Talk about making a woman feel bad! Still they cant say I don't drop things for them.  Yesterday...I wake up all happy and I'm telling the girls im gonna shower.  Bekah comes in and says "NO! I HAVE TO BE THERE BY 10 AM NOT 11!" Yeah..when did she tell me this? I don't remember, she swears she did...what time was it...10 till forget the shower...I put on my jammies, wash my face and pick up my hair and leave the house in all my glorified funk and junk!  Someone told me "Nah...not funk and junk...your super mom!"  OK...Ill take it! :o)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

....information overload....really!!!

A few weeks ago...I was introduced to the world of PINTEREST!  I'M HOOKED!  Whats pinterest you ask???  Well, its a site where people post photos that they find while surfing the net.  Just pictures that you think are inspiring, that capture your mood or yourself.  And you share it with others.  It can be of food...I love food :o) or it can be of crafts!  OMG all the CRAFTS...I'M IN TROUBLE!  Its almost as fun as facebook...but much more COLORFUL!  And its so great...I just love it...haven't seen or checked out pinterest??? WHAT??WHY NOT??  well go...go check it out... ask for an invite... send me a note and Ill request an invite for you if you want me too...all I need is your email address...but its really a great way to look at what others find on the you should see my list of blogs that I have favorited now...ITS A LONG LIST!!  And I'm still adding to it!  So go...check it out

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Well they are married now! Yup, my lil brother got himself HITCHED! It has been one long weekend so far.  We have all be anticipating this day.  Actually it was about time! LOL...seriously though it was a very good wedding.  Everyone seemed so happy and looked like they had fun.  Of course my brother being the ever comedian...had to put his own twist to it.  Poor Milly lol...shes gonna have to deal with him now forever and ever.  When asked by the minister if he was there on his own free will...he looked at her, looked at Milly and thought...and then said "UUUHHHHMMMM...Yeah...Im pretty sure"

Yup, thats him thinking!  Of course you can see my dad back there laughing it up, and I wish this pick showed Milly there looking at him...she was looking like "STEVE!" was all too funny, but thats him, thats Steve...the funny guy.  Now matter how much my brother was just being a funny guy, I know they both had they are doing the ROBOT!

mmmhmmm...they are, thats what they are doing...the Robot!  I didnt take the pics my daughter bekah did.  So I didnt see this until I was downloading the photos from my camera to my computer and I was editing them too.  Funny couple!  They really are fun.  Its good that we all love Milly...she didn't marry into a family from hell!  So my weekend has been filled with fun (LOTS OF IT!) and family from out of town (to share the abundance of food!)...Tomorrow, its back to reality, back to work. All I have to say is


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

...a little bit of Germany

Is coming to our home soon!  As if I needed to add more kids to my brood...we decided to go ahead and become foreign exchange HOSTS! So, we have been getting Rebekahs room ready for an extra person for the fall semester.  The girls are all excited, of course you can imagine Bekahs excitement...she has been begging me to let a German student come here with us. 

So yesterday I decided to go ahead and buy an extra bed to put in Erykahs room, and Erykahs bed came to Bekahs room.  Bekah didn't want new beds, she loves the scroll iron headboard she has.  So there I am with a new bed frame for Erykah and I'm thinking " the HECK am I going to take this MASSIVE item up!?" So I called my dad!  Thankfully he was available and not only that...he helped assemble the bed too! Still it was to heavy for the both of us to carry, so we just decided to go ahead and open up the box and take it piece by piece.  Yeah...I have house is a 2 story house.  Add to that the heavy parts...lets just say today my body was KILLING ME!  Either way we were able to put it together and it looks GREAT!  I need to take a pic of it...sort of like a work in progress because even though she now has new beds and I found some awesome curtains at Hobby Lobby, the room still needs a bit more decorative items to it.    

So you can imagine me in pain today, felt like I went on a marathon work out trip at the gym.  We really want this young lady to feel at home here.  School is around the corner and the sooner she gets here the better.  It takes time to get adjusted to the time difference, I would say about a good week!  I am practicing a bit more on my German that way I am able to understand her when she can not say what she needs to say to me in English. So .... lots of stuff in the air. School feels like its so close, like its JUST around the corner...its really 1 month way.  However, I feel like its coming at me like a speeding train, and somehow I need to find away to JUMP on FAST!  Still, we cant wait...we are excited...and we hope she will like us! More on that later on...or like the Soaps say "Next time on 'Life behind the Seams' " {insert dramatic music here}

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Oh father dear...

I must admit...I'm one to say right away to people "Oh I cant wait for my girls to grow up and get out so I can see the world!"  esp if they are saying that they don't want their babies to grow up.  Honestly though...I have to admit...I'm terrified about them growing up.  I never thought I would be the mom who would get all nostalgic seeing my baby reaching milestones.  Interestingly enough...I have been very these past few months.  However I haven't been so bad that I go all crazy on my daughter and try to make sure she stays little forever...I can't stand that type of parent, sorry those parents out there.  Even though my heart has been achy for the little child I miss, I look forward to what life brings for her and for us. 

However, I think that one of us adults here in this house is having more of a rough time than the other...yes I'm talking about DAD!!!  Dad cant not seem to come to terms that his little girl is becoming a young lady.  Now this young lady is very beautiful, well I'm her mom so yes I think she's not only beautiful but an absolute sight! Of course do I know that shes beautiful...but young men seem to now be looking at her too.  So they all look at her, and of course you get the good and the bad.  You have the super shy young man who will glimpse..and you have those that will look and look away, look and look away, then smile... THEN you have those guys who just stare and drool. Yeah, guys if your one of them, don't do that...its not attractive and you are going to be on the NO FLY LIST of that girls DAD!!!  Dads do not like that.  You see, a girl, as beautiful as she always dads little baby girl.  So dad here, at this house, is having trouble with these guys...ALL THREE TYPES. Even though daughter here hasn't had a boyfriend (thankfully) she has had plenty of interested guys.  Good thing is that daughter just isn't interested in that stuff right now.  Thankfully for the dad and mom. However dad here is not understanding that his little girl is growing up and one day some young man who suits her fancy will end up being her boyfriend. 

So, now a new job has been added to the ever long list of other tasks moms have to do...keep DAD calm or else daughter will not make it out of the house EVER! Honestly, its a job I really don't want...its exhausting, but someone has to do it!  So this new job duties are to make sure daughter(s) are safe from dads "furry" and that dad gets out of this stage,we have four girls so its gonna be a long ride, at least with a semi full head of hair.  After all, I do look forward to the time my girls finally leave the nest...I at least want to travel the world with a man that looks semi decent!!! LOL

Monday, July 11, 2011

...mid summer...

already! Wowzas!  Its been busy here at the homefront.  For almost 4 months I had almost NOTHING..NO SALES, NADA..NEIN! Then...BAM!!  Orders left and right, almost to the point where I cant keep up. Most of them of, of course, is because its the start of cheer season.  Yeah there is a season in cheerleading and summer is when all the girls who made the teams get to know each other, the veterans teach the newbies the chants and cheers, and they all learn how to work with each other by learning new routines together.  NCA summer camp is this week..starts Wednesday actually.  Erykah's middle school team will be attending..all the while, I have to drop off the 2 little ones at Church Summer camp and then figure out how to take Bekah to her cheer highschooler..*sigh*.  I realized today that there are about 5 more weeks and SCHOOL STARTS!  Am I excited...yes and no...yes because sometimes I crave the quietness of my house and my routine.  The summer camp has allowed us to SOMEWHAT keep the school hour routine...but thats going to end soon.  in 2 weeks Bekah will be going to the UCA cheer camp and 2 more after starts, and guess what, WE HAVE HAD NO TIME TO TAKE A VACATION.  Thankfully the good Lord has given us loads of work to keep us very busy.  And of course, as if my plate wasnt full, we might end up taking in a new body in our home...someone from Germany...and exchange student! WOOHOO..  we will see how it all turns out, we haven't heard anything yet...but we are hopeful.  So so far Summer has been filled with lots of drop in off, picking up, rush here and there.  It sure has been busy...for now, Im trying not to think of how fast everything is going...all I have to say is that we must be having fun...cause doesn't the say go "Time flies when one is having fun?"  well, I guess so! 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Im Bored...

So, its been about a moth of summer already.  How are you doing?  So far so good on my end. A little touch and go every now and then.  The girls seem to need to be entertained at every second of the day.  They get bored easy. One family member said "Make them do chores!"  yup, yup...did that.  They still were bored afterwards.  I realized it was going to be a long summer when had a several parties to go to in one day.  The last one finished at about 5.  They were red because of the hot sun...and I figured they would just crash out and relax after a long day of party hopping and just sit and watch TV.  Im putting things away and no later than 10 minutes of getting in the door, one of my girls says "Mom....I'm bored!" WHAT?!  Mommy dearest wanted to come out of me but instead of yelling "NO WIRE HANGERS!!!!!"  I wanted to yell "NO BOREDOM ALLLOWWEEDD!!!"  hahahahaha.  So I just breathed in and out and said..."GO READ SOMETHING!"  I was exhausted and I don't know where these girls get all their energy from.  Still...sometimes after a day of cheer practice then to the gym for more tumbling...and more tumbling...they are still asking "OK WHATS NEXT...WHERE TO DO WE GO NEXT...WHAT DO WE DO NOW!?"  and if I don't have anything for them " ...I'm bored..." its enough to make a woman go mad! So I made it a point to make sure they understand that sometimes there will be NOTHING to do...and they need to come up with their own entertainment. They have been brought up to always have their schedules filled for them that they don't know how to figure out what to do for themselves. more...I will not fill their days with stuff to do.  I have my own work to do as well and they need to learn to come up with something.... only 2 months to go

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

its official...

Summer is here!  Were you ready? I wasn't...I love my alone time during the day when the girls are at school...lets see if I survive all the way through his summer!! hahaha.  I also now have a high school freshman, a 7th, 5th and 3rd grader now!  Rebekah has been busy practicing with her new high school cheer team...Erykah has been practicing too as at "7th" grade cheer veteran.  Its the start of cheer season.  Our first kiddie camp for Rebekah is this Friday.  With that Ive been busy making bows for the girls teams.  At the same time, I have made several  styles of flip flops...some custom made and some not.  Boy they have been flying out the window...or off the pan like hot cakes!  I just wish I had some time to list everything up on my website.  Pics are up on my FB fan page...and you can order through FB as well, just drop me a message. 

Spirit Flip Flops in orange and blue..custom made but can be made for you too! Hey wait...that rhymed!

These can be yours too...perfect for that little girl who LOVES CHEER!

Another pair of Spirit Flip Orange and White!

All spirit flip flops can be make just for you.  Just send me the colors of your school. I have other stuff I need to show you guys...but tomorrow is a new day! 

Have a good day!

Lots of Love

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I love all things German...esp from!

and I especially love these ribbons and that cup! Oh so sweet! 

hugs and love

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

...and the WINNER IS.....

according to  the winner of the mom and me flip flop and reversable headband giveaway is Linda Senyk!!!

Ok...she has until 9 am central time to get in contact with me.  If I dont hear from her then I will pick another number. 

Now we are going to get ready for the 300 giveaway!!!  You're gonna want to get in on that one for sure!!! 

Monday, March 7, 2011


...."LIKES" on my FB page and this is what you will get...

{ Wild For Spring }
Flip Flops

...And along with these flip flops (size child medium) MOM will also get a pair for herself!!!
AND IF THAT WASNT ENOUGH....I am also throwing in matching REVERSABLE HEADBANDS!!!  So what are you waiting for???  go...GO...go to my facebook fan page { click here } and click "LIKE" on the page!!!  Once I hit the magic number....100...these might belong to you!  If we get there before then end of this will have them by SPRING BREAK


Friday, February 25, 2011

WE got to 30...

Fans on our Facebook fan page. And I had promised a giveaway and the winner was Shannon McCollum Lane!  She won 3 headbands JUST IN TIME FOR SPRING!

Want something too?  Well our next giveaway is at 100 fans!!! What will I give away?  Well how about a pair of matching FLIP FLOPS!  Thats right... I will make one for mom and one for sweet daughter!  How cool is that?  So go to click the "LIKE" button on the top then go and tell your friends to do the same. 

Priscilla :o)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the wind is yelling at me...

from outside my window!! YIKES!  Its that windy here.  My welcome sign on my door keeps beating up the door..poor door, its going to be all dented. I think I should remove it until the wind calms down.  There is a reason for me posting today, for the first time in a week we actually have had very nice weather, well besides the wind being strong.  It will be shorted lived.  Sometime tonight or tomorrow the temperature will drop to nearly 20 degrees!!!  Not so good for Laredoans...but I'm happy...I can deal with it.  Germany would slap me silly and turn my face red with colder weather. So I'm going to share a homemade hot chocolate drink recipe with you.  I don't remember where I got it...but I remember saying to myself "SELF! that looks good!"  So here it goes and this is for 2 cups of the yummy drink.  For this you will need:

2.5 cups of milk (I do full fat milk, you can do whatever you like)
1 Cinnamon stick
1 tsps Vanilla Extract
3oz semi-sweet chocolate chips
3oz chocolate milk chips

heat up the milk with the Cinnamon stick in a pot over medium heat...careful you don't want it to boil, it can scald easy.  You can stir it to make sure you don't burn the milk.  when it has a very low rolling boil, take out the stick and add the vanilla and the you stir, and stir and stir...once the chips have melted take off of the heat...make sure all the chips have fully melted and that the chocolate has incorporated into the milk well.  You can taste...if you don't think its sweet enough you can add more chocolate milk chips...even a bit of sugar into it. Here is a tip, something I like to add for myself.  I like chocolate milk to be I also add about 1/4 cup of heavy milk, or heavy whipping cream.  However, if you are worried about fat and calorie might NOT want to do that!  Now all you need is some marshmallows or even a dollop of whipped cream...and ENJOY!

Friday, January 28, 2011

{NEW} Baby Bibs!!!

These 2 cute and adorable baby bibs will be up on etsy and my website here in a few.  They come as a set...its for daddy's little princess.  It has Velcro for easy on/off.  I have 2 sets ready to ship...HOWEVER, I have enough fabric for 2 more CUSTOM bibs with a name on it!  If you want to add your little ones name on the bibs, let me know and It will be 5.00 extra for each bib. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jan is almost...

GONE!  Man...where does the time go?  I know for us here its been pretty busy.  I've been thinking to myself that time has sure flown since we came back to Laredo.  It almost seems like yesterday when we left a very cool Germany and stepped foot in Dallas Tx and the HEAT slapped us straight! Really, we were thinking we made a mistake coming back to Texas. 

Now we have been back for just over 5 years and in less than a year Rebekah will be in high school.  It is scary.  I want my baby back :'o( but time still marches on. Less than 5 years and Rebekah will be graduating from high school.  Oh boy...and so it will go on 2 years after that with Erykah and then Monikah and Jesykah.  Its almost like seeing your life in fast forward.  I have to remind myself that I need to stop thinking SO much of time flying. 

So my goal is to take everyday as it comes.  I know I have to plan for tomorrow.  Marty and I were talking about scholarship possibilities for Rebekah.  Should she stay in cheer leading and hope for a full scholarship to a University...should she do other things.  She is considering going into track. Marty used to throw the discus and so did my FIL when he was in college.  So that is an idea.  As far as we know there has not been a female discus thrower here in our home town....that excelled.  So that could help her out.  Its not only the planning of Rebekahs college life...but the other 3 girls.  Its tough out there now a days.  My favorite university is making it harder for people to get into their University ...unless you belong to the class elite!  Really sucks...that they do that.  Either girls will have a great future...I think about it and I fear time is slipping away from my hands.  I see it as sand falling through my fingers.  However, if I look at the flip side of it...all those little grains of sand...are memories that my girls and I create.  All the fun going to cheer competitions, practice, fundraising...going to church, jamming out here at home, all the laughs.  All those grains of sand...falling through my fingers...are falling into a big the shape of my heart.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The teenager is....

" MOVING ON UP !"  lol ... really, she's getting her own room.  I've been moving things around here at the house to accommodate her.  My sewing room was originally upstairs ... the 4th bedroom.  However, I think she is right.  She needs her own room.  So, the office downstairs is becoming my sewing room, it has french doors so I can close it to anyone who enters the house.  It is one of the first rooms you see when you come in.  It's a bit smaller ... and what I mean by that is that it has 2 windows ... on the east and south walls.  plus the french doors make for not a lot of ability to organize the room good.  I don't want to cover up the east wall window, so I have to use my noggin here.  Rebekah's room does not have a I also have to address that issue.  That room was made to be a "den" or media room.  I will have to purchase a stand alone closet for her...either way, she doesn't care..she's just very happy that she is getting her own room.  Erykah isn't so happy.  Those two have a love hate relationship.  They fight constantly yet when we tell her " YOUR SLEEPING ALONE !" she goes nuts yelling " NO MOM NO !!!"  lol ...

So anyone have any good ideas for colors in a teen's room?  Its gonna be a long weekend...ugh!

The art of growing up....

can sometimes kick you in the stomach...well sort of.  Parents always see their children as babies.  Its the blinders of life.  No other child is as perfect as our own.  So when they start to come into their own...a lot of us have hard time letting them go....slowly.  It has been a very crazy week for us here.  My older daughter had been asked to be a girlfriend.  When she told me this I swear, the scene in "Father of the Bride" popped into my head.  You know where she comes home, they are all eating at the table and she is talking about this wonderful man shes met and shes gonna marry him.  All the dad sees is his little girl talking not his adult daughter.  Well, it didn't exactly go like that for me here.  Bek..only said "So and so asked me to be his girlfriend"  GUT wrenching yeah...but I really had nothing to worry about.  Yes, she said yes, but nothing really ever came about.  It didn't last the entire week...he called it off, she said OK...and that's it.  I asked her if she was OK she said "yeah not a big deal mom.  we didn't even hang out long enough to really get to know each other well."   I mean she did say she felt a big disappointed that he didn't give her the chance...but she said she wasn't heartbroken.  I think for me it was hard to even think that someone TRIED to hurt her.  No parents wants their child to get hurt, physically or emotionally.  I don't know if that was his intention or if he just found himself with a girl who took the word "relationship" seriously and he wasn't ready for that "seriousness"  who knows.  Either way...It was hard to see that. 

For those of you who say, "Well, why did you allow her...shes only 13"  The way Dh and I see it is, we want our kids to come to us. We want them to trust us.  In her knowing she trust us, we also have to face our own fears of "I hope we raised her well".  One way of putting it into perspective: If you don't trust your child, then you don't trust yourself, for your child is an extension of the parents.  Yes, it was hard to let Bekah make that decision on her own...I had to let her, how else will she have lessons to look back too later in life.  She has to form her own mistakes...and I have to hope she learns from them.  At the same time, in her making her own mistakes, I hope the little voices in her know the nagging of mom and guide her too.  If I told her she was forbidden...she could have told me one thing and at school would have been another.  That's a big no go for me! I will say it took her nearly 3 days to say yes to that kid. 

This is just the beginning of the process of letting them go. From birth we have made every choice for them almost.  From what to eat, to when to sleep to what to watch.  In that time we also tell them why we are making those choices.  We teach them, we guide them and help them understand the best we can.  After all they didn't come with an instruction manual.  Bekah is at a point were a lot of the choices she makes will not be because mom and dad said so.  She will be in High school next year and shes going to make decisions with or without me.  I have to trust she knows what she is doing.  I'm am learning as I go's sort of like "FLY BY THE SEAT OF YOUR PANTS" learning. I did tell her "One day, a guy is gonna ask you and you wont have to think about it for nearly 3 days...your just gonna say 'YES!'"

So my bekah had her first "boyfriend"...for less than a week.  She says "Well, we can't call him my first boyfriend can we mom?"  I said "what do you mean"  "Well," she said "we never really hung out to give it a chance"  I said "yeah I guess your right...pretty smart there kiddo"  she says "Yeah I know"  and we continued watching tv...yeah kiddo...your pretty smart there ;o)

Thursday, January 13, 2011



are so much fun!  I have 4 new aromabeads up in my shop ready for you to snatch them up!  I have put up several weight options for you.  For the larger 4,8 and 12 oz bags...I will send 2,4 and 6 organza bags free.  That way you can divide the larger bags into several usable fresheners and you can use them anywhere you want! 



They smell oh soooo good!  I will put up Aromaments up in a bit...but it's so cloudy and cold outside that the pictures are not coming out well. 

Bis Dann!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

...soon we will have...

REWARD POINTS!!!  My service provider...whom I love very much, is upgrading our websites to include so many wonderful goodies for us shop keepers.  One of them is being able to set up our shops to give reward points for every dollar you spend in our shops.  So very soon, every time you shop on my website, you will earn points.  More points=$$$ for you to use for free stuff!!!  HOW COOL IS THAT?! I hope your keeping up with me.  You can follow me here on my blog, on my facebook or twitter!  See you soon...BIS DANN!!!

...we are back....

...and ready to hit the ground running!!! BUT house needs cleaning! ACCK! lol... really my house is in bad shape.  The past 2 months have been an emotional roller coaster.  Then we had to get ready for NCA.  During the 2 weeks of Christmas Holiday, I was busy working on pillowcases.  These are pillowcases that are custom made to each cheerleaders likes.  Favorite color(s), cartoon character, celebrity you know.  Bad thing was, I was so busy working on everyone else's, I never made one for Rebekah and Erykah!!!  I know...I'm a shameful mama...I hang my head in shame. 

The trip to Dallas went as well as it could go.  The girls were able to go shopping at the Irving Mall.  Of course, ditsy me...I forgot my camera.  So I don't have pictures of the trip..only some lowsy phone pics.  After 5 years of not seeing snow, WE GOT SNOW!  I was so happy, the girls were excited and Marty was paranoid!

Jesykah said to me "Mom, I got to see snow for the first time!"  I said "No sweety, you've seen it before you just don't remember...and you used to play in it too!"  She said " Yeah but that doesn't count!" So she was all happy. 
 We were outside the Dallas convention center.  It was cold and wet...not a very good combo.  It also had been raining before it started to snow. There was no PARKING near the arena.  Then Marty found a parking lot were it was right across the street.  So this is us walking over.  Kiki and Jesykah stop to take a photo and Marty is back there happy.  That didn't last long...hahahaha....the security would not let us go in through that entrance!!!!  WE HAD TO WALK ALMOST TWO BLOCKS AROUND the arena to the MAIN entrance.  UGH!!!  My legs were numb...I didn't have the right jacket.  We were upset and Marty was about to pick a fight...not good.  But we got in and got a bit warm. 

Our city cheerleaders did a good job!  2 High schools in our area got 1st place.  Sadly, I have some not so happy news.  Our girls did not win 1st place.  There were only two teams in their division.  So in a sense they got last place.  They were some very sad cheerleaders.  They did try their best, but I think their nerves got the better of them.  Still, I think it was a fun weekend.  We got home at 2:30 am and now my house is in desperate need of cleaning after weeks of neglect!  So if anyone out there wants to come and lend me a hand...I'm all for it. Ill feed ya for free!  hahahaha its the least I can do. 

Well, hope y'all had a good weekend as well, enjoy the snow if you have it in your area! HAVE A GOOD ONE! BIS DANN!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

only 6 weeks...

  and its VALENTINES DAY!  The day of romance, love, sweet sweet nothings in the air. Hope your following along.  I will be having a sale next week...after we come back from NCA.  There will be a $2.11 on certain items from decor to hair wear!  So follow my blog, become our FB fan, or follow our tweets!  Items will be posted Jan 14 and will run for only a week!!!  So hang on to your seats...your gonna love this ride!