Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jan is almost...

GONE!  Man...where does the time go?  I know for us here its been pretty busy.  I've been thinking to myself that time has sure flown since we came back to Laredo.  It almost seems like yesterday when we left a very cool Germany and stepped foot in Dallas Tx and the HEAT slapped us straight! Really, we were thinking we made a mistake coming back to Texas. 

Now we have been back for just over 5 years and in less than a year Rebekah will be in high school.  It is scary.  I want my baby back :'o( but time still marches on. Less than 5 years and Rebekah will be graduating from high school.  Oh boy...and so it will go on 2 years after that with Erykah and then Monikah and Jesykah.  Its almost like seeing your life in fast forward.  I have to remind myself that I need to stop thinking SO much of time flying. 

So my goal is to take everyday as it comes.  I know I have to plan for tomorrow.  Marty and I were talking about scholarship possibilities for Rebekah.  Should she stay in cheer leading and hope for a full scholarship to a University...should she do other things.  She is considering going into track. Marty used to throw the discus and so did my FIL when he was in college.  So that is an idea.  As far as we know there has not been a female discus thrower here in our home town....that excelled.  So that could help her out.  Its not only the planning of Rebekahs college life...but the other 3 girls.  Its tough out there now a days.  My favorite university is making it harder for people to get into their University ...unless you belong to the class elite!  Really sucks...that they do that.  Either girls will have a great future...I think about it and I fear time is slipping away from my hands.  I see it as sand falling through my fingers.  However, if I look at the flip side of it...all those little grains of sand...are memories that my girls and I create.  All the fun going to cheer competitions, practice, fundraising...going to church, jamming out here at home, all the laughs.  All those grains of sand...falling through my fingers...are falling into a big the shape of my heart.

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