Monday, January 10, 2011

...we are back....

...and ready to hit the ground running!!! BUT house needs cleaning! ACCK! lol... really my house is in bad shape.  The past 2 months have been an emotional roller coaster.  Then we had to get ready for NCA.  During the 2 weeks of Christmas Holiday, I was busy working on pillowcases.  These are pillowcases that are custom made to each cheerleaders likes.  Favorite color(s), cartoon character, celebrity you know.  Bad thing was, I was so busy working on everyone else's, I never made one for Rebekah and Erykah!!!  I know...I'm a shameful mama...I hang my head in shame. 

The trip to Dallas went as well as it could go.  The girls were able to go shopping at the Irving Mall.  Of course, ditsy me...I forgot my camera.  So I don't have pictures of the trip..only some lowsy phone pics.  After 5 years of not seeing snow, WE GOT SNOW!  I was so happy, the girls were excited and Marty was paranoid!

Jesykah said to me "Mom, I got to see snow for the first time!"  I said "No sweety, you've seen it before you just don't remember...and you used to play in it too!"  She said " Yeah but that doesn't count!" So she was all happy. 
 We were outside the Dallas convention center.  It was cold and wet...not a very good combo.  It also had been raining before it started to snow. There was no PARKING near the arena.  Then Marty found a parking lot were it was right across the street.  So this is us walking over.  Kiki and Jesykah stop to take a photo and Marty is back there happy.  That didn't last long...hahahaha....the security would not let us go in through that entrance!!!!  WE HAD TO WALK ALMOST TWO BLOCKS AROUND the arena to the MAIN entrance.  UGH!!!  My legs were numb...I didn't have the right jacket.  We were upset and Marty was about to pick a fight...not good.  But we got in and got a bit warm. 

Our city cheerleaders did a good job!  2 High schools in our area got 1st place.  Sadly, I have some not so happy news.  Our girls did not win 1st place.  There were only two teams in their division.  So in a sense they got last place.  They were some very sad cheerleaders.  They did try their best, but I think their nerves got the better of them.  Still, I think it was a fun weekend.  We got home at 2:30 am and now my house is in desperate need of cleaning after weeks of neglect!  So if anyone out there wants to come and lend me a hand...I'm all for it. Ill feed ya for free!  hahahaha its the least I can do. 

Well, hope y'all had a good weekend as well, enjoy the snow if you have it in your area! HAVE A GOOD ONE! BIS DANN!!

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