Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the wind is yelling at me...

from outside my window!! YIKES!  Its that windy here.  My welcome sign on my door keeps beating up the door..poor door, its going to be all dented. I think I should remove it until the wind calms down.  There is a reason for me posting today, for the first time in a week we actually have had very nice weather, well besides the wind being strong.  It will be shorted lived.  Sometime tonight or tomorrow the temperature will drop to nearly 20 degrees!!!  Not so good for Laredoans...but I'm happy...I can deal with it.  Germany would slap me silly and turn my face red with colder weather. So I'm going to share a homemade hot chocolate drink recipe with you.  I don't remember where I got it...but I remember saying to myself "SELF! that looks good!"  So here it goes and this is for 2 cups of the yummy drink.  For this you will need:

2.5 cups of milk (I do full fat milk, you can do whatever you like)
1 Cinnamon stick
1 tsps Vanilla Extract
3oz semi-sweet chocolate chips
3oz chocolate milk chips

heat up the milk with the Cinnamon stick in a pot over medium heat...careful you don't want it to boil, it can scald easy.  You can stir it to make sure you don't burn the milk.  when it has a very low rolling boil, take out the stick and add the vanilla and the you stir, and stir and stir...once the chips have melted take off of the heat...make sure all the chips have fully melted and that the chocolate has incorporated into the milk well.  You can taste...if you don't think its sweet enough you can add more chocolate milk chips...even a bit of sugar into it. Here is a tip, something I like to add for myself.  I like chocolate milk to be I also add about 1/4 cup of heavy milk, or heavy whipping cream.  However, if you are worried about fat and calorie might NOT want to do that!  Now all you need is some marshmallows or even a dollop of whipped cream...and ENJOY!

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good one Rosa! I saw your post on Diva Cafe and am following you now. I am at - and would love to read what you think about my latest post : ) Thanks a ton!