Saturday, June 25, 2011

Im Bored...

So, its been about a moth of summer already.  How are you doing?  So far so good on my end. A little touch and go every now and then.  The girls seem to need to be entertained at every second of the day.  They get bored easy. One family member said "Make them do chores!"  yup, yup...did that.  They still were bored afterwards.  I realized it was going to be a long summer when had a several parties to go to in one day.  The last one finished at about 5.  They were red because of the hot sun...and I figured they would just crash out and relax after a long day of party hopping and just sit and watch TV.  Im putting things away and no later than 10 minutes of getting in the door, one of my girls says "Mom....I'm bored!" WHAT?!  Mommy dearest wanted to come out of me but instead of yelling "NO WIRE HANGERS!!!!!"  I wanted to yell "NO BOREDOM ALLLOWWEEDD!!!"  hahahahaha.  So I just breathed in and out and said..."GO READ SOMETHING!"  I was exhausted and I don't know where these girls get all their energy from.  Still...sometimes after a day of cheer practice then to the gym for more tumbling...and more tumbling...they are still asking "OK WHATS NEXT...WHERE TO DO WE GO NEXT...WHAT DO WE DO NOW!?"  and if I don't have anything for them " ...I'm bored..." its enough to make a woman go mad! So I made it a point to make sure they understand that sometimes there will be NOTHING to do...and they need to come up with their own entertainment. They have been brought up to always have their schedules filled for them that they don't know how to figure out what to do for themselves. more...I will not fill their days with stuff to do.  I have my own work to do as well and they need to learn to come up with something.... only 2 months to go

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