Thursday, July 28, 2011

...really? Already?

Yes...its about that time again.  I'm seeing my FB girlies posting it up "FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL TODAY!"  and I'm like ALREADY!? WOW!  I remember looking at the summer ahead of me and thinking "I'm NOT going to make the next near 3 months"  and now I look back and say "WHOA! WHERE DID THEY GO?!"  Its been a busy summer I guarantee you that. To be honest, we have been so busy that we STILL haven't taken a vacation. Marty has had so much work...I'm not complaining because in the state our beloved country is in..I'm just glad there IS WORK for him to do.  He has been blessed with so many contracts for schools and outside of local government as well.  And me???   Yeah, busy, busy, busy making flip flops, pillow cases, bows and other things.  I thank GOD for cheerleaders, cheer season and the Crazy cheer moms (me included except I don't exactly pay myself to make something for my daughter ) they all want matching this and that...and I'm like "OK, uh-huh...and what else would you like?"  LOL  Yeah, Ill help you spend your money :o) and its good...I'm happy that I have work. 

However, all this work has made me a very bad mom, according to my youngest daughter.  You see my girls are not used to mom working so much...well working at all.  They are used to me being at their beck and call. Here is a usually scenario "Mom!" me "Yeah!"  daughter "I forgot that I needed this can you bring it to me" me " when do you need it?" daughter "can you bring it now?"  me "ugh..yes, Ill be there in a bit"...  Ok so now its "MOM!"  me "yeah?!" daughter "I forgot that I needed this, can you bring it to me?" me "Nope...I'm busy working " daughter "MOM BUT I NEED IT!!"  me "Sorry should have had it ready before you left!"  daughter "UGH!!"

this is me working away!

Then today Jesykah says to me "Mom you never tell us ' HEY GIRLS want to go to Sonic!' just out like you don't say that at all cause your busy working.." :o/  GEESH!  Talk about making a woman feel bad! Still they cant say I don't drop things for them.  Yesterday...I wake up all happy and I'm telling the girls im gonna shower.  Bekah comes in and says "NO! I HAVE TO BE THERE BY 10 AM NOT 11!" Yeah..when did she tell me this? I don't remember, she swears she did...what time was it...10 till forget the shower...I put on my jammies, wash my face and pick up my hair and leave the house in all my glorified funk and junk!  Someone told me "Nah...not funk and junk...your super mom!"  OK...Ill take it! :o)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

....information overload....really!!!

A few weeks ago...I was introduced to the world of PINTEREST!  I'M HOOKED!  Whats pinterest you ask???  Well, its a site where people post photos that they find while surfing the net.  Just pictures that you think are inspiring, that capture your mood or yourself.  And you share it with others.  It can be of food...I love food :o) or it can be of crafts!  OMG all the CRAFTS...I'M IN TROUBLE!  Its almost as fun as facebook...but much more COLORFUL!  And its so great...I just love it...haven't seen or checked out pinterest??? WHAT??WHY NOT??  well go...go check it out... ask for an invite... send me a note and Ill request an invite for you if you want me too...all I need is your email address...but its really a great way to look at what others find on the you should see my list of blogs that I have favorited now...ITS A LONG LIST!!  And I'm still adding to it!  So go...check it out

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Well they are married now! Yup, my lil brother got himself HITCHED! It has been one long weekend so far.  We have all be anticipating this day.  Actually it was about time! LOL...seriously though it was a very good wedding.  Everyone seemed so happy and looked like they had fun.  Of course my brother being the ever comedian...had to put his own twist to it.  Poor Milly lol...shes gonna have to deal with him now forever and ever.  When asked by the minister if he was there on his own free will...he looked at her, looked at Milly and thought...and then said "UUUHHHHMMMM...Yeah...Im pretty sure"

Yup, thats him thinking!  Of course you can see my dad back there laughing it up, and I wish this pick showed Milly there looking at him...she was looking like "STEVE!" was all too funny, but thats him, thats Steve...the funny guy.  Now matter how much my brother was just being a funny guy, I know they both had they are doing the ROBOT!

mmmhmmm...they are, thats what they are doing...the Robot!  I didnt take the pics my daughter bekah did.  So I didnt see this until I was downloading the photos from my camera to my computer and I was editing them too.  Funny couple!  They really are fun.  Its good that we all love Milly...she didn't marry into a family from hell!  So my weekend has been filled with fun (LOTS OF IT!) and family from out of town (to share the abundance of food!)...Tomorrow, its back to reality, back to work. All I have to say is


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

...a little bit of Germany

Is coming to our home soon!  As if I needed to add more kids to my brood...we decided to go ahead and become foreign exchange HOSTS! So, we have been getting Rebekahs room ready for an extra person for the fall semester.  The girls are all excited, of course you can imagine Bekahs excitement...she has been begging me to let a German student come here with us. 

So yesterday I decided to go ahead and buy an extra bed to put in Erykahs room, and Erykahs bed came to Bekahs room.  Bekah didn't want new beds, she loves the scroll iron headboard she has.  So there I am with a new bed frame for Erykah and I'm thinking " the HECK am I going to take this MASSIVE item up!?" So I called my dad!  Thankfully he was available and not only that...he helped assemble the bed too! Still it was to heavy for the both of us to carry, so we just decided to go ahead and open up the box and take it piece by piece.  Yeah...I have house is a 2 story house.  Add to that the heavy parts...lets just say today my body was KILLING ME!  Either way we were able to put it together and it looks GREAT!  I need to take a pic of it...sort of like a work in progress because even though she now has new beds and I found some awesome curtains at Hobby Lobby, the room still needs a bit more decorative items to it.    

So you can imagine me in pain today, felt like I went on a marathon work out trip at the gym.  We really want this young lady to feel at home here.  School is around the corner and the sooner she gets here the better.  It takes time to get adjusted to the time difference, I would say about a good week!  I am practicing a bit more on my German that way I am able to understand her when she can not say what she needs to say to me in English. So .... lots of stuff in the air. School feels like its so close, like its JUST around the corner...its really 1 month way.  However, I feel like its coming at me like a speeding train, and somehow I need to find away to JUMP on FAST!  Still, we cant wait...we are excited...and we hope she will like us! More on that later on...or like the Soaps say "Next time on 'Life behind the Seams' " {insert dramatic music here}

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Oh father dear...

I must admit...I'm one to say right away to people "Oh I cant wait for my girls to grow up and get out so I can see the world!"  esp if they are saying that they don't want their babies to grow up.  Honestly though...I have to admit...I'm terrified about them growing up.  I never thought I would be the mom who would get all nostalgic seeing my baby reaching milestones.  Interestingly enough...I have been very these past few months.  However I haven't been so bad that I go all crazy on my daughter and try to make sure she stays little forever...I can't stand that type of parent, sorry those parents out there.  Even though my heart has been achy for the little child I miss, I look forward to what life brings for her and for us. 

However, I think that one of us adults here in this house is having more of a rough time than the other...yes I'm talking about DAD!!!  Dad cant not seem to come to terms that his little girl is becoming a young lady.  Now this young lady is very beautiful, well I'm her mom so yes I think she's not only beautiful but an absolute sight! Of course do I know that shes beautiful...but young men seem to now be looking at her too.  So they all look at her, and of course you get the good and the bad.  You have the super shy young man who will glimpse..and you have those that will look and look away, look and look away, then smile... THEN you have those guys who just stare and drool. Yeah, guys if your one of them, don't do that...its not attractive and you are going to be on the NO FLY LIST of that girls DAD!!!  Dads do not like that.  You see, a girl, as beautiful as she always dads little baby girl.  So dad here, at this house, is having trouble with these guys...ALL THREE TYPES. Even though daughter here hasn't had a boyfriend (thankfully) she has had plenty of interested guys.  Good thing is that daughter just isn't interested in that stuff right now.  Thankfully for the dad and mom. However dad here is not understanding that his little girl is growing up and one day some young man who suits her fancy will end up being her boyfriend. 

So, now a new job has been added to the ever long list of other tasks moms have to do...keep DAD calm or else daughter will not make it out of the house EVER! Honestly, its a job I really don't want...its exhausting, but someone has to do it!  So this new job duties are to make sure daughter(s) are safe from dads "furry" and that dad gets out of this stage,we have four girls so its gonna be a long ride, at least with a semi full head of hair.  After all, I do look forward to the time my girls finally leave the nest...I at least want to travel the world with a man that looks semi decent!!! LOL

Monday, July 11, 2011

...mid summer...

already! Wowzas!  Its been busy here at the homefront.  For almost 4 months I had almost NOTHING..NO SALES, NADA..NEIN! Then...BAM!!  Orders left and right, almost to the point where I cant keep up. Most of them of, of course, is because its the start of cheer season.  Yeah there is a season in cheerleading and summer is when all the girls who made the teams get to know each other, the veterans teach the newbies the chants and cheers, and they all learn how to work with each other by learning new routines together.  NCA summer camp is this week..starts Wednesday actually.  Erykah's middle school team will be attending..all the while, I have to drop off the 2 little ones at Church Summer camp and then figure out how to take Bekah to her cheer highschooler..*sigh*.  I realized today that there are about 5 more weeks and SCHOOL STARTS!  Am I excited...yes and no...yes because sometimes I crave the quietness of my house and my routine.  The summer camp has allowed us to SOMEWHAT keep the school hour routine...but thats going to end soon.  in 2 weeks Bekah will be going to the UCA cheer camp and 2 more after starts, and guess what, WE HAVE HAD NO TIME TO TAKE A VACATION.  Thankfully the good Lord has given us loads of work to keep us very busy.  And of course, as if my plate wasnt full, we might end up taking in a new body in our home...someone from Germany...and exchange student! WOOHOO..  we will see how it all turns out, we haven't heard anything yet...but we are hopeful.  So so far Summer has been filled with lots of drop in off, picking up, rush here and there.  It sure has been busy...for now, Im trying not to think of how fast everything is going...all I have to say is that we must be having fun...cause doesn't the say go "Time flies when one is having fun?"  well, I guess so!