Sunday, July 24, 2011

....information overload....really!!!

A few weeks ago...I was introduced to the world of PINTEREST!  I'M HOOKED!  Whats pinterest you ask???  Well, its a site where people post photos that they find while surfing the net.  Just pictures that you think are inspiring, that capture your mood or yourself.  And you share it with others.  It can be of food...I love food :o) or it can be of crafts!  OMG all the CRAFTS...I'M IN TROUBLE!  Its almost as fun as facebook...but much more COLORFUL!  And its so great...I just love it...haven't seen or checked out pinterest??? WHAT??WHY NOT??  well go...go check it out... ask for an invite... send me a note and Ill request an invite for you if you want me too...all I need is your email address...but its really a great way to look at what others find on the you should see my list of blogs that I have favorited now...ITS A LONG LIST!!  And I'm still adding to it!  So go...check it out

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