Tuesday, July 19, 2011

...a little bit of Germany

Is coming to our home soon!  As if I needed to add more kids to my brood...we decided to go ahead and become foreign exchange HOSTS! So, we have been getting Rebekahs room ready for an extra person for the fall semester.  The girls are all excited, of course you can imagine Bekahs excitement...she has been begging me to let a German student come here with us. 

So yesterday I decided to go ahead and buy an extra bed to put in Erykahs room, and Erykahs bed came to Bekahs room.  Bekah didn't want new beds, she loves the scroll iron headboard she has.  So there I am with a new bed frame for Erykah and I'm thinking " the HECK am I going to take this MASSIVE item up!?" So I called my dad!  Thankfully he was available and not only that...he helped assemble the bed too! Still it was to heavy for the both of us to carry, so we just decided to go ahead and open up the box and take it piece by piece.  Yeah...I have house is a 2 story house.  Add to that the heavy parts...lets just say today my body was KILLING ME!  Either way we were able to put it together and it looks GREAT!  I need to take a pic of it...sort of like a work in progress because even though she now has new beds and I found some awesome curtains at Hobby Lobby, the room still needs a bit more decorative items to it.    

So you can imagine me in pain today, felt like I went on a marathon work out trip at the gym.  We really want this young lady to feel at home here.  School is around the corner and the sooner she gets here the better.  It takes time to get adjusted to the time difference, I would say about a good week!  I am practicing a bit more on my German that way I am able to understand her when she can not say what she needs to say to me in English. So .... lots of stuff in the air. School feels like its so close, like its JUST around the corner...its really 1 month way.  However, I feel like its coming at me like a speeding train, and somehow I need to find away to JUMP on FAST!  Still, we cant wait...we are excited...and we hope she will like us! More on that later on...or like the Soaps say "Next time on 'Life behind the Seams' " {insert dramatic music here}

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