Monday, July 11, 2011

...mid summer...

already! Wowzas!  Its been busy here at the homefront.  For almost 4 months I had almost NOTHING..NO SALES, NADA..NEIN! Then...BAM!!  Orders left and right, almost to the point where I cant keep up. Most of them of, of course, is because its the start of cheer season.  Yeah there is a season in cheerleading and summer is when all the girls who made the teams get to know each other, the veterans teach the newbies the chants and cheers, and they all learn how to work with each other by learning new routines together.  NCA summer camp is this week..starts Wednesday actually.  Erykah's middle school team will be attending..all the while, I have to drop off the 2 little ones at Church Summer camp and then figure out how to take Bekah to her cheer highschooler..*sigh*.  I realized today that there are about 5 more weeks and SCHOOL STARTS!  Am I excited...yes and no...yes because sometimes I crave the quietness of my house and my routine.  The summer camp has allowed us to SOMEWHAT keep the school hour routine...but thats going to end soon.  in 2 weeks Bekah will be going to the UCA cheer camp and 2 more after starts, and guess what, WE HAVE HAD NO TIME TO TAKE A VACATION.  Thankfully the good Lord has given us loads of work to keep us very busy.  And of course, as if my plate wasnt full, we might end up taking in a new body in our home...someone from Germany...and exchange student! WOOHOO..  we will see how it all turns out, we haven't heard anything yet...but we are hopeful.  So so far Summer has been filled with lots of drop in off, picking up, rush here and there.  It sure has been busy...for now, Im trying not to think of how fast everything is going...all I have to say is that we must be having fun...cause doesn't the say go "Time flies when one is having fun?"  well, I guess so! 

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