Saturday, July 16, 2011

Oh father dear...

I must admit...I'm one to say right away to people "Oh I cant wait for my girls to grow up and get out so I can see the world!"  esp if they are saying that they don't want their babies to grow up.  Honestly though...I have to admit...I'm terrified about them growing up.  I never thought I would be the mom who would get all nostalgic seeing my baby reaching milestones.  Interestingly enough...I have been very these past few months.  However I haven't been so bad that I go all crazy on my daughter and try to make sure she stays little forever...I can't stand that type of parent, sorry those parents out there.  Even though my heart has been achy for the little child I miss, I look forward to what life brings for her and for us. 

However, I think that one of us adults here in this house is having more of a rough time than the other...yes I'm talking about DAD!!!  Dad cant not seem to come to terms that his little girl is becoming a young lady.  Now this young lady is very beautiful, well I'm her mom so yes I think she's not only beautiful but an absolute sight! Of course do I know that shes beautiful...but young men seem to now be looking at her too.  So they all look at her, and of course you get the good and the bad.  You have the super shy young man who will glimpse..and you have those that will look and look away, look and look away, then smile... THEN you have those guys who just stare and drool. Yeah, guys if your one of them, don't do that...its not attractive and you are going to be on the NO FLY LIST of that girls DAD!!!  Dads do not like that.  You see, a girl, as beautiful as she always dads little baby girl.  So dad here, at this house, is having trouble with these guys...ALL THREE TYPES. Even though daughter here hasn't had a boyfriend (thankfully) she has had plenty of interested guys.  Good thing is that daughter just isn't interested in that stuff right now.  Thankfully for the dad and mom. However dad here is not understanding that his little girl is growing up and one day some young man who suits her fancy will end up being her boyfriend. 

So, now a new job has been added to the ever long list of other tasks moms have to do...keep DAD calm or else daughter will not make it out of the house EVER! Honestly, its a job I really don't want...its exhausting, but someone has to do it!  So this new job duties are to make sure daughter(s) are safe from dads "furry" and that dad gets out of this stage,we have four girls so its gonna be a long ride, at least with a semi full head of hair.  After all, I do look forward to the time my girls finally leave the nest...I at least want to travel the world with a man that looks semi decent!!! LOL

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