Thursday, July 28, 2011

...really? Already?

Yes...its about that time again.  I'm seeing my FB girlies posting it up "FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL TODAY!"  and I'm like ALREADY!? WOW!  I remember looking at the summer ahead of me and thinking "I'm NOT going to make the next near 3 months"  and now I look back and say "WHOA! WHERE DID THEY GO?!"  Its been a busy summer I guarantee you that. To be honest, we have been so busy that we STILL haven't taken a vacation. Marty has had so much work...I'm not complaining because in the state our beloved country is in..I'm just glad there IS WORK for him to do.  He has been blessed with so many contracts for schools and outside of local government as well.  And me???   Yeah, busy, busy, busy making flip flops, pillow cases, bows and other things.  I thank GOD for cheerleaders, cheer season and the Crazy cheer moms (me included except I don't exactly pay myself to make something for my daughter ) they all want matching this and that...and I'm like "OK, uh-huh...and what else would you like?"  LOL  Yeah, Ill help you spend your money :o) and its good...I'm happy that I have work. 

However, all this work has made me a very bad mom, according to my youngest daughter.  You see my girls are not used to mom working so much...well working at all.  They are used to me being at their beck and call. Here is a usually scenario "Mom!" me "Yeah!"  daughter "I forgot that I needed this can you bring it to me" me " when do you need it?" daughter "can you bring it now?"  me "ugh..yes, Ill be there in a bit"...  Ok so now its "MOM!"  me "yeah?!" daughter "I forgot that I needed this, can you bring it to me?" me "Nope...I'm busy working " daughter "MOM BUT I NEED IT!!"  me "Sorry should have had it ready before you left!"  daughter "UGH!!"

this is me working away!

Then today Jesykah says to me "Mom you never tell us ' HEY GIRLS want to go to Sonic!' just out like you don't say that at all cause your busy working.." :o/  GEESH!  Talk about making a woman feel bad! Still they cant say I don't drop things for them.  Yesterday...I wake up all happy and I'm telling the girls im gonna shower.  Bekah comes in and says "NO! I HAVE TO BE THERE BY 10 AM NOT 11!" Yeah..when did she tell me this? I don't remember, she swears she did...what time was it...10 till forget the shower...I put on my jammies, wash my face and pick up my hair and leave the house in all my glorified funk and junk!  Someone told me "Nah...not funk and junk...your super mom!"  OK...Ill take it! :o)

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