Saturday, July 23, 2011


Well they are married now! Yup, my lil brother got himself HITCHED! It has been one long weekend so far.  We have all be anticipating this day.  Actually it was about time! LOL...seriously though it was a very good wedding.  Everyone seemed so happy and looked like they had fun.  Of course my brother being the ever comedian...had to put his own twist to it.  Poor Milly lol...shes gonna have to deal with him now forever and ever.  When asked by the minister if he was there on his own free will...he looked at her, looked at Milly and thought...and then said "UUUHHHHMMMM...Yeah...Im pretty sure"

Yup, thats him thinking!  Of course you can see my dad back there laughing it up, and I wish this pick showed Milly there looking at him...she was looking like "STEVE!" was all too funny, but thats him, thats Steve...the funny guy.  Now matter how much my brother was just being a funny guy, I know they both had they are doing the ROBOT!

mmmhmmm...they are, thats what they are doing...the Robot!  I didnt take the pics my daughter bekah did.  So I didnt see this until I was downloading the photos from my camera to my computer and I was editing them too.  Funny couple!  They really are fun.  Its good that we all love Milly...she didn't marry into a family from hell!  So my weekend has been filled with fun (LOTS OF IT!) and family from out of town (to share the abundance of food!)...Tomorrow, its back to reality, back to work. All I have to say is


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