Tuesday, October 4, 2011


We were at the house we are trying to buy yesterday, with the home inspector.  It went well...the AC needs to be looked at, it wasn't cooling like its supposed to.  I sort of felt like I was in an episode of HOLMES ON HOMES! I loved how she was looking at everything and she pointed out things that she exactly didnt have to point out, you now cosmetic issues.  But she also looked at things I would NEVER have thought at looking at. In her report she included " Master Bedroom shower door needs to be re-caulked"  OK!   She gave me a run down of what she put on her report and I was very happy.

So I had to call the builder of the house and ask for the orange dots you put on things that need to be touched up, stabilized, fixed, replaced, all that stuff.  As I waited, I sat on the floor of the living room and I looked toward the front door, and it seemed surreal.  I told Marty "I feel like its MINE...but its like a candy I cant have!"  and yes...we are still waiting on closing on this house and the date is the 15th...but hopefully sooner.  It is soooo CLOSE I can almost touch it! 

So I sat there thinking of all the things I wanted to do.  We are not "FANCY NANCIES!"  so we don't need the formal dining area they are providing.  I was looking at that room and I was already picturing closing it off and turning it into my studio/office.  That formal dinning room is right next to the living room and that living room is in no way going to be a formal living room.  With 4 kids (5 with the exchange student) fat chance a formal would survive! I was already picturing how I was going to set up the living room...there are NO WALLS to put the piano up against!!!  So closing that formal dinning makes sense in the end too..there will be a wall for the PIANO!  Then I looked at the wall for the flat screen and I thought of a built in bookshelf/entertainment piece. And Im going through all the pictures Ive seen on Pinterest.

Then dh comes in, with FOOD...and we both start "planning out" how we are going to close of the dinning area and make it into the studio/office. We are thinking of how we are going to do the tv area, where is the piano going?  Hey wait a minute..we have a band of instruments...where is all that going???  And Marty and I just went off into our own planning of extending the back porch, making a "cabana" style area to cook outside, with a sink and fire pit, a mini fridge...and maybe one day...SWIMMING POOL!!!  Then we came back to reality...and we realized that the house was STILL not our...but again, its right there...its so close we can touch it, and...well it was fun...dreaming. 

Ugh.... so I can now relate to a child that has a candy or piece of cake in front of them and being told "Its YOURS but you can't have it yet!" 

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