Thursday, November 10, 2011

Letting the dust settle... just to time consuming.  So, yeah, we are FINALLY in our new home!  I really wish I could show you pictures but ... well.... I still haven't found my camera charger yet :o/ However I can say, I AM SO HAPPY to be in my OWN HOME!   No one can kick us out of this one (unless we don't make our payments)  this is our very own home!  So its been about 2 weeks already and yes we still have boxes out...I have not finished taking stuff out because, well...we lost square footage with this one.

In the other house we had 3 bedrooms (the fourth was not actually a bedroom but and office like room) upstairs...downstairs we had a small living room (den area I called) across from that was my studio/office then the family/kitchen dinning all smooshed into one...and past the french doors was the music room.  So we had LOTS OF ROOM for everything we sewing stuff, Marty and the girls instruments and then some.

Well, in this house we have only 3 bedrooms upstairs and an open area we call the den.  Downstairs we have the entry way (which i LOVE by the way!!)  It has a "Harry Potter" room under the stairs hahaha... a nice kitchen almost as big as the other one if not bigger and a very good size breakfast eat in.  The family and formal dinning were all join into one, but separated by pillars and an arch...that didn't work for me.  Since we were rushed into finding a house, I was not able to get exactly what I NEEDED...or wanted.  So we have closed off the formal dinning off, putting up a wall in between the both.  leaving the arch for detail, in the hallway the french doors give it a very nice warm feeling, and Marty says "WE NOW HAVE AN ACTUAL HALL!!"  I think he likes halls...Hmmmmm???

We are still a ways from getting our house to the way we want it to but we are taking small baby blog postings might be few and in between, only because I have so much stuff going on its not even funny.  The other day I found myself wanting to take a nap...and just as I was falling asleep the construction crew rang the doorbell and said "We are here EARLY!!"  I'm like "YAY!!" and walking away while I'm grumbling under my I cried instead.  I'm still very tired...still haven't been able to take nap or have a decent night of sleep...but I'm Happy...sleepily happy.  As soon as I find my camera charger I will take pics...or the cord to my phone..I have phone pics. So that's been our life so far.

Oh and I had another website now has a new hosting provider...still have to figure them out.  So If I don't list new items its because office is still in shambles... and two..I need to learn the new platform.  Have a great day and if I don't write before then..HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!