Thursday, December 29, 2011

Exchange...BACK??? pt. 1

I have to say, when I told people in Summer that we would be hosting a German exchange student and they said 'What?  Another kid..why?' I thought to myself..."I Dont know...I must be crazy!"  I already have 4 girls of my own and then to add one more kid...another girl, sure it sounds crazy.  But I went forward with it.  Scary thought...sure.  I mean here is this kid we dont know.  We are letting her live with us.  Our customs and cultures are so very different.  Luckily I had lived in Germany for 3 years but still, that did not make me an expert of the culture. So I reasoned with the kids and marty "Hey its only a semester...its not a big deal"   So with great anticipation for a great semester we welcomed Hanna to our family, our home.....our lives. 

She arrived...and arrived during a turbulent time for us that was unexpected and unforeseen.  We were asked to leave the house we were renting.  It was leave or stay and live as paupers...fat chance that was going to happen.  Also when she got here Rebekah was on her way back from a week of cheer camp in college station.  A few days later...we hit the road...for vacation, before school started. 

We went to Kimah Texas on the boardwalk, and we also went to a nearby beach

and then to Houston do what we love and do best.....


Then we headed down to San Antonio...where we took her to the Alamo 

yeah that's them back there ... and interestingly enough...we got caught up in a movie production too!!! 

Here they are with one of the main characters of the movie "Mission Parks"  I don't know..supposedly its a major film production...and maybe...JUST'll see us in the shooting scene, we are "buying" a snow cone!

Then it was back to reality...back to school, back to work (for marty)... and little by little Hanna, the girls and Marty and I got more and more comfortable.  Then we moved to our new house.  We had thanksgiving and Christmas dinner and soon we will celebrate the coming of the new year. But....its all bitter sweet.  We will all be looking forward to what the New Year brings but we also know that it will be, soon without Hanna in our family daily lives.  She has become a sister to my girls...and a daughter to Marty and I.  Sadly, when she leaves, Erykah will not be here to bid her farewell.  She will be in Dallas, competing...when Hanna will be boarding her plane and back to Germany.  

We have 10 days from today...7 for Erykah. The girls will be heading back to school in about a week while Hanna packs her bags, and gets her things organized and ready to go.  Life, is going to be different. Never the same before Hanna.  She is our first...and our last exchange student.  And we will miss her.  

p.s. pt 2 will be photos during the semester with Hanna...will be posted tomorrow :o)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gifts: What to get, What to get?

I find the whole buying gifts for anyone else other than my pulling teeth, without Novocain! I don't really like it.  I don't like the mall, I cant stand being pushed and shoved, I just don't like feeling like I'm going upstream, like Salmon! I will admit..I am an introvert.  So crowds and me...nah..not a good idea.  Still, I have to get it done.  I guess, what sums it all down is the idea that EVERYONE is going for the same thing.  I'm also not a big fan of buying the latest craze.  I don't like looking like the next person...I don't care if its name brand...I like to be unique. 

So, if your like me...don't like to deal with mad shoppers or you just don't want to give the same thing everyone else is giving to your loved handmade! There are lots of artisans waiting for you.  You can give custom jewelry, clothing, accessories...lots of stuff!  I have lots of links over there ~~~~~~~~> or you can stop by my fan page on Facebook check out what others are doing and buying! I'm sure you'll find something awesome!

Monday, December 12, 2011

How many gifts does Santa Bring?

I was listening to my favorite radio show this morning, while dropping of the kiddos to school, and the question was asked; How many gifts does Santa bring to each person/child?  I thought about it and I realized, I have never set a limit as to how many gifts Santa brings to each person.  I also never set a specific "made" type gift Santa brings.  Ok, I think I might have lost you on that one, but hang in there.  So, I...or we {Hubby and I} have set ourselves up for failure.

See my 2 little ones still believe in the Jolly fat man.  My 5th grader has her doubts, thanks to the Debbie Downers in her class.  Still she says she will only believe because she is afraid that if she does NOT believe and he is real, that she wont get what she REALLY iPod.  So, she made her list for Santa and its not long but its pricey.  Ok so here is where we went wrong.  Gift giving in my family {as well as Marty's} is something of a sport.  I grew up getting LOTS OF gifts...sometimes there were more gifts that it dwarfed the tree!  Same thing with Marty...add to the fact that he also has 10 aunts and uncles as well.  So It was engraved in our heads that gifts in Christmas...had to be outdone!  So I'm listening to the callers and they are saying "Oh Santa only brings one gift. anymore than that is from the relatives and parents"  Some callers made sense when they said that Santa job was to ONLY bring one...that's it.  I felt like someone slapped my face and I went "DOH!" 

Santa only has to bring one gift!

So now our kids make these HUGE list of gifts they want Santa to bring.  With each gift, my soul shudders!  That brings me to my next light bulb moment.  I tell you this morning was a very productive morning with DUH moments!  I realized...that I should have let my kids know that electronics, SANTA DOES NOT BRING!  So, another AHA moment, I said to myself "SELF! You will tell your children that this year there will be no electronics because the manufactures are not making money and they are going to sue Santa...because they are greedy and they don't care about holiday cheer, unless its in the form of MONEY!"

Well, I hope that goes well with them.  I really do, its either that or their little spirits of hope and dreams will deflate like a balloon dancing its dance around a room. yourself a favor.  If you have young ones...and I mean young enough that they still don't know about gifts and Santa and things like that.  Start your tradition that Santa only brings one gift & no electronics (although the callers said he will bring the one thing they really want!) so that one is up to  you.  Maybe Ill wont tell them no electronics...but damn if they all want iPods...I better get cracking at sewing again!!! Forget that my office is still under construction! 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Has anyone seen my lungs around here?

Its that darned time of year again...when the kids bring the germs home!  What I hate the most is that the schools don't care if the kids are all snot nosed and drippy with boogies...they want their GOVERNMENT MONIES!!  So what happens ... WE MOMS have to deal with it (and those stay at home dads too...I'm not leaving yall out!)...we clean up tissue...filled with boogies, pick up jammies...full of boogies, our kids come and hugs us and tell us "I LOVE YOU MOMMY!" but in the middle of that sentence we get blessed with snotty sneeze...AACHOOO...and WE get boogies. 

I'm on my second round of contamination.  A week before turkey day...I was sick...nothing serious, only about 2-3 days.  Turkey day I was happy..tummy wasn't feeling to well, but that was all resolved by Friday.  Friday, Marty decided to head on over to the out of town football game Rebekah had to be at with her cheer was the play offs for our high school varsity team...and it was round 2!!!  They played so well...we were all proud of our boys {I don't have sons...but my daughters friends are like sons to me so I rooted my heart out for them too!}  It was windy...and chilly.  Saturday morning..... BAM!!!! It felt like I had been trampled on by a stampede of wild horses then a 18 wheeler finished the job!  So here I am now...nearly a week later and I have a cough from hell! I am one of the WONDERFULLY BLESSED PEOPLE...who when they get a cough...THEY GET A COUGH. Mine can last WEEKS!!!  But at least I don't feel so bad anymore..or tired.  That's the worst part of being sick...the ickies..that feeling like your falling but your not...yuck!

So stack up on tissue. My favorite is Puff with Vicks.  I took it to a meeting for the high school cheer leading team and the moms were all "MMMM...THAT SMELLS GOOD!'  I love those tissues. Get some Vicks vapor rub or the vapor patch if you don't like feeling all greasy, and have fun :o) {can you detect that little hint of sarcasm there?}

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let 2012 RING ALREADY!!!

Today I was on FB and one person on my list posted

" at this point I'm hoping that 2012 is better because I'm officially dubbing 2011 to be the worst year of my life!"

and honestly...I can totally share her emotions on it.  Now I don't know why her year has been crappy, but for us...well, being kicked out of a house, well, that pretty much sums it all. However that has not been all.  Of course all of you know that I have four girls...and if you don't well, I do!  And that my 2 older girls are cheerleaders for their schools, high school and middle school.  We give it our all, sadly due to our situation of the house deal-e-o I wasn't all there, physically OR mentally.   I still tried to give it my all, volunteer, bring in extra things if I could...I mean its all for my girls right?

So, today...the booster club for my daughters middle school team has been...dissolved.  It was a sad thing..esp for those of us who have been there for a long time.  I started there when my oldest was in 6th grade...she is now in 9th grade...but my 13 yr old is there and its been 4 was such a sad thing to see it go.

So yeah...let 2012 RING...Im so ready so shed this nasty 2011 skin off. We are in a new house, we are daughter will be in 8th grade next year, she will try out for Cpt...and let see if she makes it...either way, those of us parents that have been there FOREVER...will fight for a booster club next year. I will also wish that my business GROW AND BLOOM!  My goals are high...but I hope..that 2012 will be great...and if its not, we can all look to the possibility that well...after Dec 21...we might not be here { I hope we are actually :o/ } lol...