Thursday, December 29, 2011

Exchange...BACK??? pt. 1

I have to say, when I told people in Summer that we would be hosting a German exchange student and they said 'What?  Another kid..why?' I thought to myself..."I Dont know...I must be crazy!"  I already have 4 girls of my own and then to add one more kid...another girl, sure it sounds crazy.  But I went forward with it.  Scary thought...sure.  I mean here is this kid we dont know.  We are letting her live with us.  Our customs and cultures are so very different.  Luckily I had lived in Germany for 3 years but still, that did not make me an expert of the culture. So I reasoned with the kids and marty "Hey its only a semester...its not a big deal"   So with great anticipation for a great semester we welcomed Hanna to our family, our home.....our lives. 

She arrived...and arrived during a turbulent time for us that was unexpected and unforeseen.  We were asked to leave the house we were renting.  It was leave or stay and live as paupers...fat chance that was going to happen.  Also when she got here Rebekah was on her way back from a week of cheer camp in college station.  A few days later...we hit the road...for vacation, before school started. 

We went to Kimah Texas on the boardwalk, and we also went to a nearby beach

and then to Houston do what we love and do best.....


Then we headed down to San Antonio...where we took her to the Alamo 

yeah that's them back there ... and interestingly enough...we got caught up in a movie production too!!! 

Here they are with one of the main characters of the movie "Mission Parks"  I don't know..supposedly its a major film production...and maybe...JUST'll see us in the shooting scene, we are "buying" a snow cone!

Then it was back to reality...back to school, back to work (for marty)... and little by little Hanna, the girls and Marty and I got more and more comfortable.  Then we moved to our new house.  We had thanksgiving and Christmas dinner and soon we will celebrate the coming of the new year. But....its all bitter sweet.  We will all be looking forward to what the New Year brings but we also know that it will be, soon without Hanna in our family daily lives.  She has become a sister to my girls...and a daughter to Marty and I.  Sadly, when she leaves, Erykah will not be here to bid her farewell.  She will be in Dallas, competing...when Hanna will be boarding her plane and back to Germany.  

We have 10 days from today...7 for Erykah. The girls will be heading back to school in about a week while Hanna packs her bags, and gets her things organized and ready to go.  Life, is going to be different. Never the same before Hanna.  She is our first...and our last exchange student.  And we will miss her.  

p.s. pt 2 will be photos during the semester with Hanna...will be posted tomorrow :o)

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