Saturday, December 3, 2011

Has anyone seen my lungs around here?

Its that darned time of year again...when the kids bring the germs home!  What I hate the most is that the schools don't care if the kids are all snot nosed and drippy with boogies...they want their GOVERNMENT MONIES!!  So what happens ... WE MOMS have to deal with it (and those stay at home dads too...I'm not leaving yall out!)...we clean up tissue...filled with boogies, pick up jammies...full of boogies, our kids come and hugs us and tell us "I LOVE YOU MOMMY!" but in the middle of that sentence we get blessed with snotty sneeze...AACHOOO...and WE get boogies. 

I'm on my second round of contamination.  A week before turkey day...I was sick...nothing serious, only about 2-3 days.  Turkey day I was happy..tummy wasn't feeling to well, but that was all resolved by Friday.  Friday, Marty decided to head on over to the out of town football game Rebekah had to be at with her cheer was the play offs for our high school varsity team...and it was round 2!!!  They played so well...we were all proud of our boys {I don't have sons...but my daughters friends are like sons to me so I rooted my heart out for them too!}  It was windy...and chilly.  Saturday morning..... BAM!!!! It felt like I had been trampled on by a stampede of wild horses then a 18 wheeler finished the job!  So here I am now...nearly a week later and I have a cough from hell! I am one of the WONDERFULLY BLESSED PEOPLE...who when they get a cough...THEY GET A COUGH. Mine can last WEEKS!!!  But at least I don't feel so bad anymore..or tired.  That's the worst part of being sick...the ickies..that feeling like your falling but your not...yuck!

So stack up on tissue. My favorite is Puff with Vicks.  I took it to a meeting for the high school cheer leading team and the moms were all "MMMM...THAT SMELLS GOOD!'  I love those tissues. Get some Vicks vapor rub or the vapor patch if you don't like feeling all greasy, and have fun :o) {can you detect that little hint of sarcasm there?}

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