Monday, December 12, 2011

How many gifts does Santa Bring?

I was listening to my favorite radio show this morning, while dropping of the kiddos to school, and the question was asked; How many gifts does Santa bring to each person/child?  I thought about it and I realized, I have never set a limit as to how many gifts Santa brings to each person.  I also never set a specific "made" type gift Santa brings.  Ok, I think I might have lost you on that one, but hang in there.  So, I...or we {Hubby and I} have set ourselves up for failure.

See my 2 little ones still believe in the Jolly fat man.  My 5th grader has her doubts, thanks to the Debbie Downers in her class.  Still she says she will only believe because she is afraid that if she does NOT believe and he is real, that she wont get what she REALLY iPod.  So, she made her list for Santa and its not long but its pricey.  Ok so here is where we went wrong.  Gift giving in my family {as well as Marty's} is something of a sport.  I grew up getting LOTS OF gifts...sometimes there were more gifts that it dwarfed the tree!  Same thing with Marty...add to the fact that he also has 10 aunts and uncles as well.  So It was engraved in our heads that gifts in Christmas...had to be outdone!  So I'm listening to the callers and they are saying "Oh Santa only brings one gift. anymore than that is from the relatives and parents"  Some callers made sense when they said that Santa job was to ONLY bring one...that's it.  I felt like someone slapped my face and I went "DOH!" 

Santa only has to bring one gift!

So now our kids make these HUGE list of gifts they want Santa to bring.  With each gift, my soul shudders!  That brings me to my next light bulb moment.  I tell you this morning was a very productive morning with DUH moments!  I realized...that I should have let my kids know that electronics, SANTA DOES NOT BRING!  So, another AHA moment, I said to myself "SELF! You will tell your children that this year there will be no electronics because the manufactures are not making money and they are going to sue Santa...because they are greedy and they don't care about holiday cheer, unless its in the form of MONEY!"

Well, I hope that goes well with them.  I really do, its either that or their little spirits of hope and dreams will deflate like a balloon dancing its dance around a room. yourself a favor.  If you have young ones...and I mean young enough that they still don't know about gifts and Santa and things like that.  Start your tradition that Santa only brings one gift & no electronics (although the callers said he will bring the one thing they really want!) so that one is up to  you.  Maybe Ill wont tell them no electronics...but damn if they all want iPods...I better get cracking at sewing again!!! Forget that my office is still under construction! 

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