Thursday, September 13, 2012

So here's the thing...

.... I had essentially lost my mojo.  I think the move was sort of a kick in the gut for me...or a punch in the face.  So I sank into a little funk.  I would have my moments of wanting to get back into the groove...but then it would just kinda fizzle out again.

I now feel that mojo wanting to come back again but how to keep it.  I love what I do dont get me wrong. I just wish I had everything out where I could see it.  So...I've actually be pretty busy these past few days.  I had 3 orders...a hair bow with bling..and 2 flip flops.  Im currently finishing up the last flip flop.  But these projects have really made me feel like Im my old self again. So...Im looking at getting some halloween and even ..yes...yes... HOLIDAY themed stuff out.

I have to get all my ideas out..and write them down cause my head is full of stuff that doesn't let me sleep at night.  My mind is like a never ending story board.  Hopefully I find my groove again, Im not going to worry about people telling me Im "copying them"  because Im sure I've been making it longer than they have...I've just been out of the scene.  So...I will post some new items in the next week or two..but for now I will leave you with one of the orders I had...a custom made UT of Austin Longhorn Spirit flip flops!!! 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Vacation...WHAT vacation?

Really?  We've been so busy this summer, the thought of it all gets me dizzy!  Its been over a month since my last post and let me tell ya whats been going on.  First, I realized that I desperately need a laptop...JUST for me.

We went to the GOP convention in Ft. Worth Texas.  That was about a week of "fun" .  It was, I cant say I didn't enjoy myself.  My husband was a delegate. Came back home...for a week...then left again..for another week, back to Dallas/Irving TX!  That wasn't so much fun.  Hubby was in training and the girls and I were stuck in a hotel.  We did some shopping, bought Bekah her quince dress.  For those who don't know what a quince is ... its a massive birthday bash, much like a sweet sixteen would be. Here she is in her dress...posing for her invitations:

My baby is growing up so fast!!!  In a month she will be 15!  Then we geared up for the yearly yard sale fundraiser for the cheerleaders.  Once that was over, we had to hustle and sell car wash tickets for another cheer leading fundraiser. During this time the girls have been going to a youth camp hosted by our church.  Bekah is an animator {counselor} but was only able to do it for 2 weeks...then she had to go to cheer practice in the mornings.

Right now Bekah is at UCA cheer camp with her cheer team.  I'm trying to get back on track with so many other things.  Did I mention...I ended up getting very sick.  And I'm still getting over it.  But oh well, time to get my big girl panties on and get a moving with business.   Only 5 weeks till school starts!  I still have to get the girls their uniforms...I really wish we didn't have a school system that required uniforms :o/ I cant stand that! Well, hope y'all are having as much fun as I hope soon we get to have a real vacation.  Our German "daughter" is coming to visit us for 11 days in 3 weeks.  So we are excited about that.  Well, have a great day!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Are you a.. MOM?

A Dance or Cheer mom that is?  Here in our part of Cheer/Dance world...its been a growing trend for a mom to order a custom pillow for their little dancer/cheerleader.  What is a custom pillow you ask?  Well, this pillow is basically a memory pillow and it serves as a buddy (for sleeping)  for all the out of town competitions the child will go to. For example...the cheerleaders in the middle and high school ages receive a custom pillow with their favorite things on one side of the pillow and on the other side is the year and the competitions they will be going to.  My oldest daughter is a high school cheerleader and will be going to the UCA National Competitions in Feb that are held in Florida.  So since she made the 2012-2013 cheer team, the year will be added, since she will be a sophomore, something to indicate her class will be added.  Because its in Florida at the Magic Kingdom...of course you will have something that will be very Disney on it as well. 

I just finished making a pillow case for a dancer who is in a private company dance group...not a school sponsored dance group and they will be going to the dance competition for "All-Star" dancers in Florida.

This is front side of the pillow 

Back side of the pillow

I have made some other ones, but since this is the first one of the new dance/cheer season, I wanted to show all of you that this is what is trending in the dance/cheer world.  If you are interested in making one for your Dancer / cheerleader, please contact me.  Base price is $40.00  include 3 colors (one color front, one color back, one color ruffle, ruffle color will also be used for the name of the child and one embroidered image)  The example above is has a price of $55.00  I have a portfolio to the right, with your mouse hover over the images...and you will see some pillows.  click on the pillows to view..  Free shipping on all orders over $50.00

Saturday, May 26, 2012

a little app called Instagram

You on there?  If you are, follow me!  you can find me by searching me remjsmom76  ... I post on my daily happenings, my kids, and just life in general. 

Friday, May 25, 2012


We will be making these cute and very fashionable bracelets.  They come in all kinds of colors and sizes...from small to large!  They can be worn with very casual clothing to very chic going out in the town clothing as well!  They are very versatile.  Show of your team spirit or your favorite colors.  We can also make them for your support of a cause.  They are $18.00 for 2  or $15.00 each. 

End of the year...

is nearly here!  My two little ones already had their award ceremonies. 

Jesykah showing off her certificate..she has another behind that one! 

Monikah showing off her awards and certificate.  She also got the Presidential Achievement award!

Very proud of both my babies.  Now, Kiki will be going off to middle school..YIKES and my Jesykah will be my only one left in elementary school.  Geesh..time flies!  Its been a pretty busy week as well. Its that time of year again, where Bekah trys out for the cheer team.  If she makes it (I hope she will) she will be a 2nd year cheerleader for her highschool..and officially a Veteran :o) She's been working so hard.  She starts practice at 2 pm till about 3:45. Here in her school, her last class is cheer "class" (or athletics) so she and the other girls have that advantage that they have that time to practice.  The new kids who want to try out to make it to the team for the first time have to wait till 4 pm and of course bekah stays and goes on practicing from 4-6.  She comes out, eats and goes to a gym to practice more for another hour.  She finishes there, goes to another gym to practice with a friend for about 2 hours.  So we've been getting home till about 9-10 pm!!  I'll try to take pics of her today.  As for my Erykah...this year no one wanted to take up the sponsorship for the middle school it will be a sad 8th grade year for my baby :o( She will not be a cheerleader for her last year in middle school...its really sad!!!  

We are trying to make the best of all situations right now.  Time is flying fast.  Before I know it Bekah will be a Senior in high school, but for now...I will take it one day at at time.  Lets see what summer brings! Whatever it is...I've got my shades ready...cause its not even officially summer and Laredo has already hit 106!!!  Have a great one guys! 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Almost here...

So..its been pretty crazy here at this household.  Its been over 6 months since we moved..and my office is still lacking, but its a lot better that I will be able to start working!  The girls are all done with their competitions. We have also moved past testing.  New test called the STAAR test took over the TAKS test here in Texas. These past few weekends have been somewhat of a haze for me.  End of the year in this household does not mean slowing down.  Its actually the opposite. End of year means, GEAR UP for next year.  For my girls it means work out harder, stronger, better for tryouts.  It also means presentations. 

Presentations for middle school is bidding farewell and good luck in high school to all the 8th grade cheer and dance girls.  My daughter Erykah isnt an 8th grader, but she has the cloud over her that next year there will not be a cheer team for her 8th grade year.  So it was sort of a bitter sweet moment.  Both of us wonder if there will be a team next year.  Either way, if there isnt one, I try to tell her that things happen for a reason.  Her reason, possibly to heal.  She has a bad wrist...and needs more time to get better...time that would not be allowed to her if there is a team.  But we tried not to focus to much on next year.  We made this years presentation a night to remember.  She had so much fun and she was the talk of the dance. 

Yup thats her.  My daughter Erykah-Marie and her escort Oscar.  And yes, those are converse...and that's why she was the talk of the dance.  As we spoke to other parents (some who didn't know who we were) we were asked "Did you see the little girl who came in with converse? She looks great, she brought in her own style!"  and we said "Yes..yes, that's our daughter"  It was a great night all in all.  The kids danced...laughed and had so much fun. 

 good friends

 best friends


This past weekend, we had our oldest daughters first high school cheer presentation.  This year has been a great year for her. First reason is, because she was able to be on a team with her oldest cousin, who will be graduating this year.  Second reason:  They won for the second year in a row the UCA National Championship in Florida AND  the first time UCA World Championship title as well!!! She is now gearing up to tryout for her second year in the cheer team.  But here are some photos of the event.  

 Rebekah and Ricky (her escort and best friend)

 Before leaving to the party! 

 Showing off her dress and some leg!! LOL
Ok so this needs some explanation.  During try outs, there were over 5 freshmen trying out.  Only 3 made daughter and these two beautiful girls.  They were dubbed the Longhorn Angles (Charlies Angles) So that is why they are posing like that!

 The three freshmen cheerleaders and their escorts. 

 Bekah being presented and Ricky doing a great job as her escort!

Last but not least....the cousins.  The Senior cheerleaders wore long white you have Victoria with Bekah trying to figure out a two step dance and having fun! 

It was fun...and I hope she makes it for the second year...lots of great new talented girls will be coming to try out and who knows.  Still, if she makes it...I will be ready and excited...cause this year was sure a fun one and we have 3 more to go!!! 

Friday, March 2, 2012

When you cant think of nothing else...

If you haven't been bitten by the Pinterest bug...I don't know where you are hiding...because, you will find me there and on FB when I'm not busy working or cleaning this jungle called a home. I often pin things that have to do with either making yummy foods {does no good to help me loose weight that's for sure}, fashion, organization...and how I really want my home to emanate a certain vibe, to let people coming in what kind of family we are.  Well, in my pinning happiness I find, every now and then, great blogs that I end up following.  However, this one in particular, well I really want to share with all of you.  I have found a great blog called The Maternal Lens .  Sadly they have decided to stop working on that blog, but thankfully they have decided to keep the blog up for those that just FOUND myself.  One particular post drew me to them...being that I am a mother of four...this post will help so much.  As parents, moms... we tend to forget to appreciate all we have.  We get so busy doing what needs to get done for us and our kids and our families...that we forget to stop and say the kind things that we need to say to our kids.  So, I hope that this post, will help you remember what to say, when you can't think of nothing say :o) Have a happy weekend everyone!

The Maternal Lens : They Are Listening

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Bekah and I woke up early to get to mass by 6:30 am today...and well, when we were done, we went to go pick up some tacos for breakfast.  The lady who was attending us looked at us funny, then the lady next to her asked us "Wow, you guys got up early to get the ashes"  the lady attending us asked "Its ash Wednesday?"  and Bekah and I just look at them like we were watching a tennis match!  Finally the lady attending us says "ALREADY?!"  I guess the year went really fast for her?  But  yeah...It is ash Wednesday for us Catholics ( and those other religions who celebrate it)  It is a time to better ourselves...not a time to walk around like zombies and the messengers of doom because you gave up ...WHATEVER you gave up! 

Yes, we did give up something, but in the end it is for the betterment of all of us...our health.  Although my kids and hubby didn't like my plan...they cant do much about it.  I'm the one that cooks, I'm the one that handles the I'm the one who will eventually feed them.  Im sure you have figured out what we gave up...UNHEALTHY FOODS!!! ALL unhealthy foods.  No more soda pop, no donuts, no candy (unless its home made)  nothing that I feel is not good for my family.

They say it takes an average person 40 days to acquire a habit...40 days straight...for a habit to form...good or bad.  Hey...wait a minute...isn't Lent 40 days??? Yup, well I think it is! How about that! So lets see if that holds water...and hopefully it will.  And along the way, I wouldn't mind if the husband and I shed a few pounds too.

As for the religious aspect of Lent, for us it is a time to reflect on what Jesus gave up...for us.  How can we use that so that he didn't do it in vain?  Generally I try to make sure that my kids are good, kind people.  We feed the hungry, cloth the poor...we try to do what we can do when the occasion arises.  It is a good time to show them to reflect upon themselves and see what, in their character, needs help. 

So, what will you do for lent?  I hope that whatever it is...that if fills your soul up with greatness, warmness and a sense of accomplishments.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Im a slave to my electronics

Marty (that's the hubby) says there isn't a piece of equipment, electronics that is, that can keep up with me.  I use and abuse my cell phone, my computer, and I'm surprised my printer hasn't given out on me these past 6 years!  I'm constantly connected.  I know I would be one of those people that would have a panic attack at the thought of not being able to have my phone on me for a week!!!  As it is, I'm a nut case mom who has to know where her child is at all times.  Yes, I do worry when they are at school.  Heck the other day I got a call from the districts automated machine saying " Hello" imagine this in the most robotic female voice you can, "this is the attendance office of XXXX Middle school calling to inform you that your student ... E. J. R was absent today"  WHAT?!! WHAT THE HECK?!!! MARTY!!!!!!!!!!!  WHERE DID YOU DROP OFF ERYKAH AT SCHOOL!!!!?????" Marty with his eyes wide open probably thinking to himself "oh crap what I do?"  " UM...In the back patio...why?"  I proceed to tell him at the same time already dialing the schools main number.  He tells me "NO...I drop her off...that's BS!!"  Well, sure enough, Erykah arrived a few minutes late to one of her mid day classes and they marked her absent!  So...yes...I need to know where my kids are at all times.

So what does all this have to do with me being slave to my electronics...well, let me tell you.  For the past two years, I have had my wonderful Fender HTC android driven phone.  I loved was my first smartphone.  I used it so much. The best thing was, when I first dropped it.  Yeah, that was the best thing that happened to me.  Why?  No I'm not really that crazy. You see...I have friends who have the iPhone and I have seen what happens to their screens with ONE DROP!  Yeah you know...

                                                                image from search

So, I see my phone flying out of my hand...and almost in slow see me doing this gnarly face...and I'm yelling 'NOOOOOOOO'  and CRASH... my phone comes apart.  Backing over there, battery over face next to my feet...and...I...WANT...TO...CRY! Cause I am picturing... THAT ^ THERE!  So I go pick it up...look at my screen...and...NOTHING!  Its prefect...not a scratch, crack...nothing!  WHEW!!  After a year an MANY drops...I realized, "hey..this thing is pretty tough!"  Well, after 2 years, it starts to slow down.  It becomes the granny of cell phones.  It wont do what your asking it to do.  It forgets who your trying to call and calls someone else.  It opens up the wrong text message and you start to send of texts, and then  your getting texts back saying "What?...I have no idea what your talking about" 

So finally, I'm at the point where I can upgrade...FREE!!!  And I do...I get this AWESOME NEW PHONE... A Samsung Exhibit II...  yeah...looks like my husbands cricket phone.  Damn! So...ok, Its a TMobile phone...yeah I can be a bit of a snob...I admit it.  Well, kick my snobby butt!  It sucks!  I go onto Tmobile and Im reading the reviews (too little to late should have done that sooner)  and it doesn't have great reviews!  It really has bad reviews...everything I read on it, is everything Im having trouble with.  I cant send texts...which I need cause i have to know what my kids are up to and how they are doing?  It wont call who Im calling and it freezes up on me...and Im thinking to myself "I miss my Fender phone :'(  "   but Im still here using it.  I have it in my hand...I have it next to my bed.  Why, cause I might miss some important emergency notification from one of my daughters in the middle of the night, who are but no more that down the hall...yeah...Im a slave...a slave to my electronics.  Ugh...oh well. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

National and WORLD Champions!!!

So my daughter Bekah....
here she is...isn't she purty???  So she went with her Florida.  They went to compete at the UCA ESPN National Cheerleading Competition.  Seriously these girls have worked hard. They have worked through falls ( one girl I believe had a concussion cause she landed on her head from a stunt) another girl pulled a ligament...or tendon?  I'm not sure, she left in a wheelchair and came back with a boot! But these girls knew they had their work cut out.  Cheerleading is just as tough of a sport as football, if not worse.  At least football players play with pads and helmets...these girls don't.

So my Bekah left with the girls to Florida...and not only did they defend their National title...THEY WON THE WORLD TITLE AS WELL!!! How about that!!!  These girls kicked some serious butt!!!

And they were able to go into the Parks as well...hey, you have to play every now and then too.  All work and no thats no fun.

Here they are with the Minions!!!  Bekah loves those guys "Bapoy... No, No, NO... No Bapoy.... BApoy... aaahhh BApoy!!" hehehehe

Here is Bekah and her cousin Vicky at Hogwarts!  Yes they finally got that letter...apparently some ruddy owl got lost and confused!  hahahha...She loved it.  She was telling me she felt like she was in the movie.

And she got to drink some BUTTER BEER!!  I swear it sounds so yummy and she said it is!  I really wish I was there.   Bekah is the second from the left...yeah that crazy kid with the orange glasses... All in all she had so much fun...and she came home with this...

being part of a team that brought home this beaut! Actually this is just one that they brought...the Worlds trophy is a bit bigger! Oh and these...

2 count them...TWO Championship jackets.  Nationals and World.  She says shes going to take turns wearing them...when it's cold.  Then again, when is it cold here in Laredo?   But she has them...and she is so proud.  And she tells me this : "Mom...this year has been the best year in my cheer life.  I have been so blessed to be a part of a team that I love being a part of.  The girls are awesome!!! I love this team!"  Im so happy hun....Im so proud of all of you...Im so proud of you! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sickies and weather...go hand in hand???

So, who's sick?  yes, we've been sick here for almost 3 weeks...or more.  Erykah ended up getting the brunt of it all.  Poor thing has always suffered from lung problems, asthma...but wow...this season has really kicked her butt!!!  She ended up with a case of pneumonia about 2 weeks ago.  After her the rest of us just started to get it one at a time.  Right now, me and Bekah have it.  She has croup...I have no idea what I have...its something related to it...but I haven't had time to go see my doc.  I know I need some kind of antibiotics...I feel like Im on a bad vacation on a cruise ship!  AHOY MATE! Wait...bbbaaaarrrfff!!!   Yeah my ears are killing me...and whats worse...I think I'm GOING DEAF!!!  yeah... Im starting to sound like those old ladies that make you feel like you are doing everything wrong because they just seem like they are yelling at you!!!  TRUST ME...IM NOT YELLING AT YOU... I....JUST....CANT...HEAR...YOU ....THAT...WELL!!!!  eeehhhh...speak up son!!!  So if you come to me and Im speaking REALLY LOUD ... let me know "Hey...Priscilla...IM RIGHT HERE!!!" the sickies :o/ pphtttbbb...yeah right!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Exchange Back pt 2

Well its been about a month now...and Hanna is back home with her family.  It was quit a little adventure for her and for us, her returning home.  Really? you ask...yup.  Ok...Picture this!  (imagine Sophia from the Golden Girls telling a story) Laredo 2011!  No really, picture it.  So Erykah has just left to Dallas for competition.  It was crazy getting her to the bus.  She ended up forgetting some jacket she needed so I had high tail it back home and bring her that jacket.  Imagine doing that at near 4 am! Poor Hanna felt jilted...she wasn't able to properly say good-bye to Erykah because as soon as we got back to hand her that jacket, they took off.  So Sunday comes around, we are getting ready to take Hanna to the Airport.  We arrive, there are friends there, family all wanting to say goodbye to Hanna.  We all cry...we say good-bye.  Rebekah, my SIL and Hannas friend all went up the escalator and stood next to her until it was her turn to get "frisked" by TSA.  Then...she was off.  Or so we thought...  about 4 hours later, we get a call from Hanna...frantic.  She had misplaced her passport.  She couldn't find it.  She was stuck in Houston.  Finally she was sent back to us...she couldn't leave the U.S. without that passport.  Later on that night Erykah came home ...sadly, they didn't win the National Title :o(

The next day marty and I went to Houston with Hanna.  Made an appointment with the German Consulate and they got her squared away!  Then we had the almost impossible task of getting her onto a flight without having to pay for it (well her parents).  She missed the paid flight why pay again?  Shes paid for.  We were able to get her on a standby and SHE was able to get on that day! 

So it was an adventure...but we would do it all over again.  Every now and then, as we are leaving in the morning to take the kids to school, I count all the girls and Im thinking "wait whos missing?"  and I realized...its Hanna.