Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Exchange Back pt 2

Well its been about a month now...and Hanna is back home with her family.  It was quit a little adventure for her and for us, her returning home.  Really? you ask...yup.  Ok...Picture this!  (imagine Sophia from the Golden Girls telling a story) Laredo 2011!  No really, picture it.  So Erykah has just left to Dallas for competition.  It was crazy getting her to the bus.  She ended up forgetting some jacket she needed so I had high tail it back home and bring her that jacket.  Imagine doing that at near 4 am! Poor Hanna felt jilted...she wasn't able to properly say good-bye to Erykah because as soon as we got back to hand her that jacket, they took off.  So Sunday comes around, we are getting ready to take Hanna to the Airport.  We arrive, there are friends there, family all wanting to say goodbye to Hanna.  We all cry...we say good-bye.  Rebekah, my SIL and Hannas friend all went up the escalator and stood next to her until it was her turn to get "frisked" by TSA.  Then...she was off.  Or so we thought...  about 4 hours later, we get a call from Hanna...frantic.  She had misplaced her passport.  She couldn't find it.  She was stuck in Houston.  Finally she was sent back to us...she couldn't leave the U.S. without that passport.  Later on that night Erykah came home ...sadly, they didn't win the National Title :o(

The next day marty and I went to Houston with Hanna.  Made an appointment with the German Consulate and they got her squared away!  Then we had the almost impossible task of getting her onto a flight without having to pay for it (well her parents).  She missed the paid flight why pay again?  Shes paid for.  We were able to get her on a standby and SHE was able to get on that day! 

So it was an adventure...but we would do it all over again.  Every now and then, as we are leaving in the morning to take the kids to school, I count all the girls and Im thinking "wait whos missing?"  and I realized...its Hanna. 

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