Friday, February 17, 2012

National and WORLD Champions!!!

So my daughter Bekah....
here she is...isn't she purty???  So she went with her Florida.  They went to compete at the UCA ESPN National Cheerleading Competition.  Seriously these girls have worked hard. They have worked through falls ( one girl I believe had a concussion cause she landed on her head from a stunt) another girl pulled a ligament...or tendon?  I'm not sure, she left in a wheelchair and came back with a boot! But these girls knew they had their work cut out.  Cheerleading is just as tough of a sport as football, if not worse.  At least football players play with pads and helmets...these girls don't.

So my Bekah left with the girls to Florida...and not only did they defend their National title...THEY WON THE WORLD TITLE AS WELL!!! How about that!!!  These girls kicked some serious butt!!!

And they were able to go into the Parks as well...hey, you have to play every now and then too.  All work and no thats no fun.

Here they are with the Minions!!!  Bekah loves those guys "Bapoy... No, No, NO... No Bapoy.... BApoy... aaahhh BApoy!!" hehehehe

Here is Bekah and her cousin Vicky at Hogwarts!  Yes they finally got that letter...apparently some ruddy owl got lost and confused!  hahahha...She loved it.  She was telling me she felt like she was in the movie.

And she got to drink some BUTTER BEER!!  I swear it sounds so yummy and she said it is!  I really wish I was there.   Bekah is the second from the left...yeah that crazy kid with the orange glasses... All in all she had so much fun...and she came home with this...

being part of a team that brought home this beaut! Actually this is just one that they brought...the Worlds trophy is a bit bigger! Oh and these...

2 count them...TWO Championship jackets.  Nationals and World.  She says shes going to take turns wearing them...when it's cold.  Then again, when is it cold here in Laredo?   But she has them...and she is so proud.  And she tells me this : "Mom...this year has been the best year in my cheer life.  I have been so blessed to be a part of a team that I love being a part of.  The girls are awesome!!! I love this team!"  Im so happy hun....Im so proud of all of you...Im so proud of you! 

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crittersandcrayons said...

That is incredible!!!!! You must be so proud! My sister is a cheerleading coach and they came in 2nd in the state of Virginia- I know Texas is SERIOUS about their cheerleading so I know your girls must be just amazing. Congratulations!!!! She's lucky to have such a supportive cheer mom!