Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Bekah and I woke up early to get to mass by 6:30 am today...and well, when we were done, we went to go pick up some tacos for breakfast.  The lady who was attending us looked at us funny, then the lady next to her asked us "Wow, you guys got up early to get the ashes"  the lady attending us asked "Its ash Wednesday?"  and Bekah and I just look at them like we were watching a tennis match!  Finally the lady attending us says "ALREADY?!"  I guess the year went really fast for her?  But  yeah...It is ash Wednesday for us Catholics ( and those other religions who celebrate it)  It is a time to better ourselves...not a time to walk around like zombies and the messengers of doom because you gave up ...WHATEVER you gave up! 

Yes, we did give up something, but in the end it is for the betterment of all of us...our health.  Although my kids and hubby didn't like my plan...they cant do much about it.  I'm the one that cooks, I'm the one that handles the I'm the one who will eventually feed them.  Im sure you have figured out what we gave up...UNHEALTHY FOODS!!! ALL unhealthy foods.  No more soda pop, no donuts, no candy (unless its home made)  nothing that I feel is not good for my family.

They say it takes an average person 40 days to acquire a habit...40 days straight...for a habit to form...good or bad.  Hey...wait a minute...isn't Lent 40 days??? Yup, well I think it is! How about that! So lets see if that holds water...and hopefully it will.  And along the way, I wouldn't mind if the husband and I shed a few pounds too.

As for the religious aspect of Lent, for us it is a time to reflect on what Jesus gave up...for us.  How can we use that so that he didn't do it in vain?  Generally I try to make sure that my kids are good, kind people.  We feed the hungry, cloth the poor...we try to do what we can do when the occasion arises.  It is a good time to show them to reflect upon themselves and see what, in their character, needs help. 

So, what will you do for lent?  I hope that whatever it is...that if fills your soul up with greatness, warmness and a sense of accomplishments.