Monday, April 30, 2012

Almost here...

So..its been pretty crazy here at this household.  Its been over 6 months since we moved..and my office is still lacking, but its a lot better that I will be able to start working!  The girls are all done with their competitions. We have also moved past testing.  New test called the STAAR test took over the TAKS test here in Texas. These past few weekends have been somewhat of a haze for me.  End of the year in this household does not mean slowing down.  Its actually the opposite. End of year means, GEAR UP for next year.  For my girls it means work out harder, stronger, better for tryouts.  It also means presentations. 

Presentations for middle school is bidding farewell and good luck in high school to all the 8th grade cheer and dance girls.  My daughter Erykah isnt an 8th grader, but she has the cloud over her that next year there will not be a cheer team for her 8th grade year.  So it was sort of a bitter sweet moment.  Both of us wonder if there will be a team next year.  Either way, if there isnt one, I try to tell her that things happen for a reason.  Her reason, possibly to heal.  She has a bad wrist...and needs more time to get better...time that would not be allowed to her if there is a team.  But we tried not to focus to much on next year.  We made this years presentation a night to remember.  She had so much fun and she was the talk of the dance. 

Yup thats her.  My daughter Erykah-Marie and her escort Oscar.  And yes, those are converse...and that's why she was the talk of the dance.  As we spoke to other parents (some who didn't know who we were) we were asked "Did you see the little girl who came in with converse? She looks great, she brought in her own style!"  and we said "Yes..yes, that's our daughter"  It was a great night all in all.  The kids danced...laughed and had so much fun. 

 good friends

 best friends


This past weekend, we had our oldest daughters first high school cheer presentation.  This year has been a great year for her. First reason is, because she was able to be on a team with her oldest cousin, who will be graduating this year.  Second reason:  They won for the second year in a row the UCA National Championship in Florida AND  the first time UCA World Championship title as well!!! She is now gearing up to tryout for her second year in the cheer team.  But here are some photos of the event.  

 Rebekah and Ricky (her escort and best friend)

 Before leaving to the party! 

 Showing off her dress and some leg!! LOL
Ok so this needs some explanation.  During try outs, there were over 5 freshmen trying out.  Only 3 made daughter and these two beautiful girls.  They were dubbed the Longhorn Angles (Charlies Angles) So that is why they are posing like that!

 The three freshmen cheerleaders and their escorts. 

 Bekah being presented and Ricky doing a great job as her escort!

Last but not least....the cousins.  The Senior cheerleaders wore long white you have Victoria with Bekah trying to figure out a two step dance and having fun! 

It was fun...and I hope she makes it for the second year...lots of great new talented girls will be coming to try out and who knows.  Still, if she makes it...I will be ready and excited...cause this year was sure a fun one and we have 3 more to go!!! 

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