Friday, May 25, 2012

End of the year...

is nearly here!  My two little ones already had their award ceremonies. 

Jesykah showing off her certificate..she has another behind that one! 

Monikah showing off her awards and certificate.  She also got the Presidential Achievement award!

Very proud of both my babies.  Now, Kiki will be going off to middle school..YIKES and my Jesykah will be my only one left in elementary school.  Geesh..time flies!  Its been a pretty busy week as well. Its that time of year again, where Bekah trys out for the cheer team.  If she makes it (I hope she will) she will be a 2nd year cheerleader for her highschool..and officially a Veteran :o) She's been working so hard.  She starts practice at 2 pm till about 3:45. Here in her school, her last class is cheer "class" (or athletics) so she and the other girls have that advantage that they have that time to practice.  The new kids who want to try out to make it to the team for the first time have to wait till 4 pm and of course bekah stays and goes on practicing from 4-6.  She comes out, eats and goes to a gym to practice more for another hour.  She finishes there, goes to another gym to practice with a friend for about 2 hours.  So we've been getting home till about 9-10 pm!!  I'll try to take pics of her today.  As for my Erykah...this year no one wanted to take up the sponsorship for the middle school it will be a sad 8th grade year for my baby :o( She will not be a cheerleader for her last year in middle school...its really sad!!!  

We are trying to make the best of all situations right now.  Time is flying fast.  Before I know it Bekah will be a Senior in high school, but for now...I will take it one day at at time.  Lets see what summer brings! Whatever it is...I've got my shades ready...cause its not even officially summer and Laredo has already hit 106!!!  Have a great one guys! 

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