Monday, June 4, 2012

Are you a.. MOM?

A Dance or Cheer mom that is?  Here in our part of Cheer/Dance world...its been a growing trend for a mom to order a custom pillow for their little dancer/cheerleader.  What is a custom pillow you ask?  Well, this pillow is basically a memory pillow and it serves as a buddy (for sleeping)  for all the out of town competitions the child will go to. For example...the cheerleaders in the middle and high school ages receive a custom pillow with their favorite things on one side of the pillow and on the other side is the year and the competitions they will be going to.  My oldest daughter is a high school cheerleader and will be going to the UCA National Competitions in Feb that are held in Florida.  So since she made the 2012-2013 cheer team, the year will be added, since she will be a sophomore, something to indicate her class will be added.  Because its in Florida at the Magic Kingdom...of course you will have something that will be very Disney on it as well. 

I just finished making a pillow case for a dancer who is in a private company dance group...not a school sponsored dance group and they will be going to the dance competition for "All-Star" dancers in Florida.

This is front side of the pillow 

Back side of the pillow

I have made some other ones, but since this is the first one of the new dance/cheer season, I wanted to show all of you that this is what is trending in the dance/cheer world.  If you are interested in making one for your Dancer / cheerleader, please contact me.  Base price is $40.00  include 3 colors (one color front, one color back, one color ruffle, ruffle color will also be used for the name of the child and one embroidered image)  The example above is has a price of $55.00  I have a portfolio to the right, with your mouse hover over the images...and you will see some pillows.  click on the pillows to view..  Free shipping on all orders over $50.00

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