Thursday, September 13, 2012

So here's the thing...

.... I had essentially lost my mojo.  I think the move was sort of a kick in the gut for me...or a punch in the face.  So I sank into a little funk.  I would have my moments of wanting to get back into the groove...but then it would just kinda fizzle out again.

I now feel that mojo wanting to come back again but how to keep it.  I love what I do dont get me wrong. I just wish I had everything out where I could see it.  So...I've actually be pretty busy these past few days.  I had 3 orders...a hair bow with bling..and 2 flip flops.  Im currently finishing up the last flip flop.  But these projects have really made me feel like Im my old self again. So...Im looking at getting some halloween and even ..yes...yes... HOLIDAY themed stuff out.

I have to get all my ideas out..and write them down cause my head is full of stuff that doesn't let me sleep at night.  My mind is like a never ending story board.  Hopefully I find my groove again, Im not going to worry about people telling me Im "copying them"  because Im sure I've been making it longer than they have...I've just been out of the scene.  So...I will post some new items in the next week or two..but for now I will leave you with one of the orders I had...a custom made UT of Austin Longhorn Spirit flip flops!!! 

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