Tuesday, January 29, 2013

flu...hard hitting

Since November...we have been suffering with a strain or another...its been the flu!  No matter what I do, I wipe down everything using clorox wipes...or lysol all over the seems to just have taken residence in our home.  It seems, however, that we are finally winning the battle with this nasty virus! My poor Bekah had to compete at the UCA State a week ago with the flu... Flu B as a matter of fact. She wasn't about to let her girls down...she worked so hard to get her routine down to a "T" and she said "Like heck I'm gonna let this flu kick me when I'm down!"  They did really well, one of her stunts fell, but she said "Mom, I felt like ' Is she over me?  Oh..oh..she's coming down, damn' " I was a bit afraid for her, she had had some trouble breathing the day before...and her coughing...HORRIBLE! But she did it...I think her best friends being there, having gone with us, helped her out.  She didn't want to let her team down, but she also  wanted her best friends to see her in action at a competition. Most competitions happen outside of our hometown, so her friends who do not cheer, have no idea what a cheer competition is like.  Even though she was sick, she did amazing, all of the girls did.  And like any other mother, I am very happy when I see my kids absolutely happy... when she came up the stairs at the end of it all..her best friend was there waiting for her and he gave her the biggest hug I have ever seen anyone give her and I heard him tell her "Bekah you did awesome...I'm so proud of you!"  And that...just that right there made it ok for her...being sick, feeling like crap...dropping her stunt...I could tell that his words were words of comfort. 

So now, we are here, waiting for our coughing to subside...waiting for this, illness to just LEAVE!  Bekah, has to be better by the 9th of Feb. She leaves to Florida with her team to UCA Nationals. We wont be able to go...sadly.

Its been a long time since I've written a post...and well this is the reason why...we've been sick...I've been busy keeping my family feeling better.  Now that everyone is doing ok...Im left alone to try to feel better by myself. I guess thats ok. I dont have fights to referee. Hope you family and household has had a flu free holdiay!