Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer begins...

but not with a bang...well not really.  The start of summer was like trying to get off of a moving train without hurting yourself! Its been a very eventful couple of months here.  I know have 2 high schoolers, 1 middle schooler and 1 elementary school kid and this will be her last year.   My second daughter didnt make the HS cheer team and it was bitter sweet because my oldest made it for her 3rd year of cheering for the HS.   Everything that we had planned, all the great sisters cheering together kind of just fizzled away for this year...made me really sad. 

That being said..the first day of summer was actually not so much.  Bekah had her cheer kiddie camp and it was also the first time my other girls didn't want to attend. I wasnt there either like the past 2 years...because well...I have a job now!  BA DUM TSS! Yes...I do.  I know work for my hubby and FIL .  Lots of work so its all good.  I still have my own little shop open but trying to get things done after work is a daunting task.  My new job is very mentally draining.  It sucks the creative want out of me :o/ .  But I actually think its more of actually getting used to working again and trying to run my little shop at the same time.   I hadn't really worked since I had Bekah and that was almost 16 years ago. The money is good, we have extra now and we dont have to be SOOOO TIGHT.

I have been working on some new stuff for my shop.  Im learning how to work with resin, I've made a couple of little things, but I still need to some more practice, jot down ideas and things. I have some stuff I tried last night but that's another post on its own.

Hope y'all have been great...I know its been a while since I've written.  Sometimes life really gets me busy!  Well, have a great weekend...and a wonderful summer!

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