Thursday, July 24, 2014

Its been a year huh?

Wooo... I noticed its been a year.  Eee...well Im back..and I hope y'all are still there.  So whats new?

Hmm...well all the kids moved up a grade YAY!!  I don't have anymore elementary kids :'( more babies.  My youngest is now a 6th grader.  Kiki, for her final year in middle school, tried out for her schools dance team...and yes...I am now a proud DANCE MOM... YAY!  It will be different for me...I'm so used to my cheer moms, but I cant wait to dive in.  Erykah is now moving on to the MONSTER CAMPUS!  Our high school has a campus only for the 9th graders, I don't like it, I think 9th grade is a time to find yourself in high school...see where you want to go, what you want to do.  Well, shes a Sophomore now...and is headed to the big school. I'm not kidding we call it the monster for a reason...ITS HUGE!!!  She didn't want to try out for cheer this year, so I'm a little sad...because BEKAH is in her final year of high school  Yes, yes folks you heard that right...Bekah is now a Senior!!!  She is also the co-head of her cheer team!!  Isn't that amazing! I was so proud of her...still very proud of her.  Shes been doing good to...she took her SAT and got a pretty good score...she wasn't happy said shes gonna take it again..she wants to get as close as she can to a 2000.   Either way...shes a Senior!

Here she her cap and gown and her formal photos!!!  Ugh...where did the time go!  She was invited to go tour A&M College Station for the Engineering Program.  However, her heart right now is with kids at our local church youth center.  She wants to take a year off and do missionary work with our Catholic Salesian Chapter in California.  My girls have big hearts and hearts of gold.  They love working with kids. They love working with kids who don't have the opportunities they have.  Bekah here takes her musical instruments and teaches them how to play the piano...learn music notes and chords but her forte is the GUITAR!  She loves playing the guitar and I've seen her light up so much when she tells me stories of kids who have never touched a guitar leave at the end of the camp sessions knowing how to play basic chords.

So thats whats been going at our tepee ...this tribe has been pretty busy.  Also, I've revamped and renamed my little hobby business.  As you can see by the name is now The Artful Studio.  I have created a page up there where you can shop my shop.  I will be adding items I have a new computer and I dont  have photos of my products on it.  My other one was already begging for retirement.  

Just so yall know...I am now adding to my products line...tshirts with bling and car decals (decals in general...where you put them is up to you!)  They can be rhinestoned as well!  Either way...drop me a line if you are looking for unique gift ideas or want to order for your team something special.

Have a wonderful day!


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