Friday, August 22, 2014

On your marks, get set..


So the school year has started...well not officially.  Kids do not start school until the 25th.  But we are already in full force with pep rallies and freshman orientations that the girls had to perform in.  The high school girls already met with their choreographer.  He got them going with their stunt groups...practice that first.  Kiki will be doing a performance for the teachers on Monday.

Meanwhile at casa de R...the husband is having a very hard time with the concept his oldest baby girl is no longer a BABY!  Most of Bekah's friends have graduated already.  She was, still is, the youngest of the group.  Even as a her class...she is one of the youngest ones.  While everyone else is 17 turning 18 during the school year...she turns 17 just before school starts.  Most of her friends have also already graduated.  A lot of them were Seniors...who are now freshman college students.  So being a dad...I think his brain just warped everything into 'MY BABY IS HANGING OUT WITH ADULTS!'  when in reality...she was hanging out with these ADULTS for years...they just graduated already and Bekah hasn't.

So I'm not only dealing with a young adult fighting for every moment of "freedom" trying to just hang out with her friends...I'm fighting a dad who wants his baby to stay here and not date..."you know what...lets lock her up in a closet?"

So a piece of advice...for moms and dads.  Go with it.  Set your boundaries with your kids, yes.  But as I tell the Mr here...we only have year with her and if she decides to leave to school outside of our city she has to be ready for the world.  I want to feel secure that she is ready to make good decisions.  We need to make sure that she has what she needs, MENTALLY, to be alone in a university full of people much older than her. We wont be able to tell her what time she has to be home, that would be at her own discretion...we wont be able to let her know we don't like certain friends of hers...again she has to have that instinct on her own. So right now is crunch time...loosen the reins...but still hold on.  Let her do her thing...but guide her still.  She's always going to be our baby but we need to make sure shes ready fly!

Have a great weekend!

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