Thursday, April 23, 2015

Know the signs....its not just a headache.

So a few weeks ago we had a scare.  It all started with some minor headaches for the Mr. here.  Well, he just sucked it up.  It was pressure here and there and what he described...sounded like a sinus headache...or allergies. That was a Thursday..we had to leave.  Our 8th grader was competing in Ft. Worth with her team for Dance Nationals.  (They won by the case you haven't read the last post...why havent you read that last post? :'(  )

So we leave...During that weekend...he complains.  We end up going to get meds for him.  He's taking Motrin, Tylenol, Asprin...NOTHING works, and I tell him "When we get home...straight to V.A. OK!"

So we have a little fun...leave Sunday Morning...and well on our way back home we were in a car accident.

You see that bus there...yeah that bus caused most of the accident.  What you don't see is a blue truck...he was the one that originally started it all.  See it was outside of Lorena, Tx.  There is construction on the Highway there.  An well traffic went form flowing really slowing down to almost an instant standstill.  Hubby put on his hazards...and the van behind us..stopped...BUT that blue truck..was busy on his phone...and BAMN...hit that van....and she hit us.  WELL...that bus driver..I dont know what he was doing cause he didn't slow down at all or even enough...and he hit that blue truck hit the van again...and the van hit us.  

So we were fine...thankfully.  We gave out statements and went home.   Monday came along and hubby still has the headaches...but they are a bit stronger...and now his neck is hurting.  Im here thinking "Its whiplash need to see a doc".  Next day I take his bp...thinking maybe he has some hypertension that's causing his headache.  BP 160/101  WHOA NELLY!!!  So we take him to the VA.  They gave him some bp meds and sent him on his merry way.

Well...later on that night...he wakes me up.  He now has a fever and is throwing up.  He cant walk well, he's dizzy and he is crying...yes, crying.  I've never in my entire relationship with this man, have I ever seen him crying because of pain or anything else.   He's telling me hes about to die.  Im like 'NO YOUR NOT GONNA DIE!'  and Im freaking out!  Call 911  and they come for him.

We the lobby for almost 11 hours.  yes you read that right...11 hours.  And then a doc gives him Tordol, a pain reliever.  Goes off all smug like he did us a favor.  Then comes back and says "Headache better?"  the Mr. says " change" his smug face goes away and a look of concern takes over.  He says to him "You might have meningitis" ... and sure as day.  He had meningitis.  Thankfully he had the one that is easy to treat.  The one that you WANT to have if you end up with it, VIRAL meningitis.  Poor guy...the Mr was in so much pain, was in quarantine for over a week.  He needed a spinal tap and well that made him feel it more.

So that's why I say Know the signs...I thought it was just whiplash.  But a headache like you've never had before...considered the worst headache you've had in your LIFE...stiff neck, fever, vomiting go straight to the E.R.   Marty got lucky...but this thing can kill you.  If it doesn't it changes your life forever.  

Be aware of these symptoms.  You could save someones life or even your own!!

Meningitis Awareness Ribbon

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