Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Trying it ... get it going

So...this past year has been kind of fast.  I cant believe that my oldest, Bekah will soon be graduating from High school.  She's already enrolled at Texas A&M International University and has her major set to Pre-Engineering.    WOWZIES WOW WOWZAS!!  EEEkkk.  It almost seems like we got over Feb, like the first hill on a roller coaster and its just took off with tremendous speed!  So here I am.  Bekah has already gone to her Senior Prom

This is Bekah and her escort Ramiro 

They said they looked like spies...the theme of the prom was THE ROARING '20'S

Bekah...this is her...shes got quite a personality

And we also had her photos for her presentation done too...which reminds me...I have to go pick out a picture..OOPS!!  Ok  but here is a photo of her hair and make up.  

yeah you're not gonna see her dress yet...that's a surprise!  

But its been somewhat of a whirlwind.  And well i can't forget my 8th grader Monikah.  You see...she has always wanted to be in the dance team.  She's not a cheerleader ...sadness...I know.  But well she likes what she likes.  And we are supportive of that. 

So she's been working hard at her techniques.  She tried out in 7th grade and didn't make it.  It was so heartbreaking to see her so sad.  But she didnt wallow in it and well..she tried out for 8th grade and guess what??!!

She made it!!  Also hard work...her team competed a few weeks ago and well...they won The National Title.  They competed against High school teams and out of Texas and Surrounding states...they were the only middle team to make it to the winners circle and win the jackets!  

Here she the middle...this is one of her performances.  However..she will start all over again.  Shes an incoming freshman (MAKE TIME STTOOOOPPP PLEASE!!!!)  ok I'm done, and she has been so nervous and worried...cause she will be trying out and shes so afraid that she wont make the cut for the highschool team.  

So this year is an important one cause one graduates and well, that's really it for her.  That closes the chapter of her childhood and opens the next chapter to college student and young adult. There are not more tryouts for her, really.  Monikah, well shes starting her HS years but the nerves..OH THE NERVES!!!  We will see what happens.  

For now..Im gonna try to enjoy this ride, even though I hate roller coasters and this is one I cant get off of.  I'm gonna try to maintain what little sanity I have left...and keep moving on.  

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