Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Who's the one trying out?

This end of the year I'm a ball of nerves.  Im nervous for my oldest daughter.  She will be graduating soon from High school and is already spearheading her university classes.  This girl is such a nerd.

Quantum Physics...she loves this stuff.  Physics, logarithms, MATH!  This is so she can study for her AP test and just get the credit for college and skip this course.  Her major... Engineering. 

So my baby girl is going to college :/ and I used to think I would be ready for this day but self now wants to go back in time and tell 15 yrs ago self  "pppghhttbb!!!  You're gonna hate it!!"  and kick her

Then there is the Kiksters...shes my 3rd child.  She is going from 8th grade to the High school 9th grade campus.  She is trying out for the highs school dance high kick drill team.  I'm so nervous for her.  I still see her so little...I still see the 5th my head she's going up against adults, event though those same kids...I've known for a long time already because of my older girls..and I want to tell each and every one of them to be nice to my girl!  But I cant. 

It's one of those fine lines that you just have to kind of slowly back away from.  You'd think that after 2 girls it would be easy, well I'm here to tell you...IT'S NOT.     Each child has different social skills.  While my oldest daughter will one day run fro president of the united states after having won the Ms. America Pageant, had a successful career in acting and the music industry... my youngest one will probably be the one behind her website...away from the crowds and the scene.  But that's another blog post. 

Well...2 more days for the kiksters to try out...I hope I'll still have hair by then...ill keep ya posted! 

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