Saturday, April 25, 2015


So...I went to the doc..haven't been feeling well.  And well he said what we all dread "Your fine, just over weight"  *sigh*  I know...I know.  Since moving back to Laredo in 2005  I've gained 60-70 lbs.  Laredo is not a city that makes you want to work out.  The climate is so harsh. When it summer you dont want to leave the house.  Opening the door to go outside is like opening the door to an oven set to 500 degrees!!!  That wind rushes at you and you feel like your energy has been sucked out of you!!! I hate the summers here.

Well, I have to set aside my hatred towards the heat of Laredo...and decided to get more active. FIL gave us all bikes for Christmas.  They have been sitting in our garage since that day :/  I know...sad.  So I bring out the one that doesn't make my butt look like I'm doing a yoga pose on a bike while trying balance myself.    Its a nice bike...pretty low to the ground.  It resembles something out of the '50's ..I like it.  So I pull it out.  Marty has taken he was at the park two blocks down from our house practicing his swing.

So Im getting on this bike...all confident. "Yeah..Im gonna go riding" .  My driveway has a slight slope and as Im getting on and taking off...I catch a little bit of speed.  So I put my foot on the peddle...and as Im about to push on it 'WOOOSH' my foot slips off!!!  I start to loose my balance.  Im wobbling worse than a horse that has just been born!!!  I cant find my feet to the floor...I cant get my balance and whats worse I'M HEADED STRAIGHT FOR A PARKED CAR ACROSS THE STREET!!! Im screaming in my head "NO NO NO NO NO!!! GOD THIS IS GONNA HURT!!!"  But outside all I can muster are some groans as if I'm some kind of living dead!!!  Whats worse is that the car Im about to collide with is being worked on by the neighbor...and his wife.

See this is what short people problems are.  Yes I chose the bike that I didn't need a 10 foot ladder to get on...but it was still a bit high.  I bet if I had long legs...I would have just been able to put my foot down and control myself...but no...IM SHORT! guess it... I CRASHED into the car.  And being so nice, I didn't want to damage the car...i turn the handle sharply and I propel my body to the car instead of the bike...and hit the car.  The neighbor looks from behind the hood like as if he just heard and over sized bee hit the car and was confused and says "Are you ok ma'am?'    I'm embarrassed..I get up..I'm trying to gather up whats left of my pride up .  I say "YUP...YUP..IM FINE!! THANK YOU"  In my head "ouchie that hurt."  and yes..I got banged up.  I feel like I hit a car now...oh wait I did.

Well, Im trying...I did go on ahead and ride...but damn...this exercise bit...its gonna kill me!

It doesnt look bad...but it hurts like heck.  I have other battle scars but I cant show them...they are in areas that will make you go me...I have battle wounds!  

Stay safe

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