Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Life doesn't get sarcasm...does it?

Late March, after we went to Ft. Worth for Monikah's dance comps, and after we were in an accident coming back home, Marty ended up in the hospital for nearly 2 weeks.  He had meningitis. Luckily for him it was the one you want to have if you get it, Viral Meningitis.

It had been something that looking back I remember little things, just little things that kind of just didn't go quit right...NWIM?  So when Marty came out..I said "Ok..I hope your finished...can we go back to living already?"

All seemed well...then on Mothers day...yes I said Mothers day...Marty woke me up at 6 am and said his side hurt..A LOT! I thought maybe acid reflux...maybe something I shouldn't mention but yeah I said it to him.  He went to the bathroom, came back..tossed a bit and sat up.  All the while I'm just like "LET ME SLEEP FOR CRYING OUT LOUD...ITS MOTHERS DAY!"  I didn't say it but I thought it.  I guess I must've fallen back to sleep because all of a sudden I hear him yelling from down stairs 'HOW CAN YA'LL STILL BE ASLEEP?!!" I'm thinking "well dang what time is it?"  and I looked at the clock and it wasn't even an hour later..maybe 7:20...then I hear him upchucking.

Oh what.  So I go downstairs and he is in pain..serious pain.  I'm also thinking "WHY?  WHY ON MOTHERS DAY?"  I sometimes feel like life is just really picking on me at this moment in time.  So we go to the hospital...ER... after half a day there...he is passing a stone.  It did take him a few days to pass it...he did end up in the hospital because his kidneys were actually starting to show signs of stress.  But he passed it.

A week Jesy is sick...fever running to the potty... headaches. That worries me.  Brings me back to when Marty had meningitis.  I think though that women/girls..even little girls..have a higher tolerance for pain.  Because for what my husband went through or at least what it looked like...he thought he was dying.  Jesykah is just there "My head hurts mama"  and looks at me with sad eyes.  So it seems like life doesnt get sarcasm.  when i said "I hope your finished?" to life I didnt think life would say "Oh...actually NOPE! Hang on...hows...THIS!?!"

As for me working...well only on small things.  Nothing major.  Trying to get things together for Monikahs pillow case.  Bekah has 2 weeks left of being in high school...and Im not sure this mama is ready for that. see what you have planned for us.  But make sure its nice to us please!

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