Monday, December 5, 2016

The Book of Life: Life Chapters

As the kid Eric in movie Mr. Magoriums Wonder Imporium said "All Good Books must come to and end, even the ones we love"  I find it somewhat bitter sweet to see not books but chapters ending leading to the next one where the "character" evolves.  Much harder for a mom I guess and yes even dad. 

Its been almost a year since I've posted something and I apologize for that.  I cant argue, I've been busy, my business has boomed! However my writing has taken a backseat and I need to let it come back to the front again...shot gun with my business and my family life!

So just to catch you up with things.  My oldest daughter Bekah has graduated from highschool.  Don't know if I already posted that or not, in case I haven't...yes, she graduated in May 2015.  She is now in Arkansas Studying Electrical Engineering at JBU.  It was almost a culture shock to her, I think.  But that's for another post. 

My second daughter is a Senior in Highschool and has just been accepted to Baylor University.  SIC'EM BEARS!!!  LOL...cant wait!  And well we have our two youngest...a sophomore and a Varisty Dancer...and my 8th grader who's also in her schools dance team!

And Now I'm an Auntie, well I already was but that was on my husbands side. This time it was my youngest brother and his wife who had a baby girl! She is the most beautiful thing and well, yes...I will spoil her!

And all the things that I learned as a new mom all the way up to now, started to just sort of flood me with a lot of memories...and nostalgia!  And well, I guess that's what led me to start back to writing.  I think this time around...I will just post up a lot of my own personal advice...experience from newborn to young adulthood.  yeah...its weird saying that.  My kids are young adults one is almost 20...OMG WHO SAID THAT?!  But all it  all its not bad.  And feel free to ask me questions.  I don't mind just don't get offended if I say something you don't agree with, like when I say ...YES.. I spanked my kids, not I don't think it's abuse.  I mean kids are just fine...HELLER... electrical engineering student and a future med student at Baylor.  Guidance...focus...determination.  We have to get the reins back.  I see to many kids now a days just walking around everyone.  So...That what Ill be writing about now.  Life is ever evolving...and now that my kids are older...and so far I have raised good kids...I think Ill write my own 'advice' column! 

Good night folks!  See ya later!

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