Friday, December 15, 2017

First semester down and it's Christmas..Already?

Last time I checked in, Bekah was in Arkansas at JBU, Erykah was a senior and my two youngest were just being cutie pies 😗  Bekah came back to Texas (thank GOD!) and is now a Bobcat at TXST and yes, Erykah is a Baylor Bear- SIC'EM BEARS!- yes you have to say that when you mention the University's name 😉.  The two younger ones are still being cuties.  My niece is 1 now and she's the princess of the family, yes... the hubs and I have spoiled her.

Its been a great fall semester for the girls.  I cant belive its already over.  All finals have been taken and grades are coming in.  Its looking good.  My bear is home already and my bobcat will be here in a few days for 2 weeks. We are gearing up for spring and for competition season for Monikah.

My business has slowed down a bit.  Lots of hands in the pie in this town.  I'm ok with it...forced me to slow down a bit.  Need to make sure the important things have my 100%.  I do however need to restructure my business.

So if you're in business for yourself, how do you maintain organization and sanity?   I'm looking at things and I may have to cut out some stuff I no longer work on or focus on.  I'm not sure I really ant to cut the cord on some things but it makes no sense.

Either way, things will have to change so that I can be successful and produce great and high quality items.  Well, have a great day!